How to fix a broken coffee mug

How to fix a broken coffee mug

Last Sunday! I have received some guests at my place. They were accompanied by some kids. The kids were very cute but were really trouble creators. They were making lots of noise and trying to chase each other in my living space.

I offered guests Coffee and Cookies. During the run. The kids broke one of my coffee mugs. I have a deep emotional attachment to this mug. The broken coffee mug reminds me of the holidays that I spent in Australia. Lots of memories actually not only lots of memories but it was a lifetime experience for me. This was really a heartbreaking moment for me when the cup got broken.

As soon as the guests leave I tried to search for information regarding how to fix broken coffee mugs. During the search, I tried a number of search queries some of the more significant ones were

  • how to repair a broken ceramic mug
  • The best glue to fix the mug handle
  • How to fix a cracked mug with milk
  • How to fix a chipped teacup

This really filled me with tons of information. I took advantage of this information and decided to spread it to others. I try to find out the way in which I can help the maximum number of people with the effort I have made. An idea came to my mind and it was to collect all the information I have collected in the form of an article and publish it on a platform where a maximum number of people will reach and get benefit from this information.

The best place to do this task is this website. I am fully convinced that this website is made by passionate people. This website is usually visited by highly knowledgeable and passionate people about mugs. So I have decided to put all the information that I have collected here. In case you have the same problem as mine and your cup is broken too. You can get the benefit from the information I have searched, collected, arranged, and published here.

Let’s look at the information. I have tried to arrange the information in small practical steps wherever possible. so that the reader not only understands it well but also can take the maximum benefit of this information.

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How to fix a broken coffee mug

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How to repair a broken ceramic mug

How to fix a broken coffee mug

To fix a ceramic mug we also require some raw materials. This raw material includes these items

  • Epoxy
  • Hardener
  • Paper plate
  • Popsicle stick
  • Razorblade
  • Toothpick
  • Dry cloth

Step 1- Examine the crack

The first step is to examine the crack which you are going to repair. If you see that the crack is hair lined and there is no loose space between the broken pieces. Then it is better to leave it like that.

In another case, you may look at some space between the broken pieces in this situation this broken mug is also repairable. In case your cup has fallen down and is converted into a number of small pieces still then this piece is repairable if the pieces are relatively less in number and big in size. To repair the mug in this situation you first need to collect all the broken pieces and don’t let any piece escape from your sight. No matter how small or how big the piece is.

Step 2- Prepare the adherent Solution

Now is the time to prepare the solution that can bind the broken cup. For this, you need to mix epoxy and the hardener. The amount of this solution prepared by you entirely depends on the requirement of the repair. In case you require more repairing you need to prepare more solutions. In case you require less repairing the solution will be prepared accordingly. Usually, the is accompanied by the hardener and you don’t need to buy the hardener separately.

Step 3- Push it accordingly

Now, this is the time to apply some effort to the cup so that the Ahrendt solution can be utilized accordingly. How much energy you will exert and in which direction, It depends on the broken cup.

If the cup only has a crack this will be easy to repair. All you need to do is to push in such a way so that there can be some space available and you can put the adherent in that solution.

If there are broken pieces then you need a bit of a different technique. Brush all the edges so that there should be no dust particles left on the edges. Once the dust is removed completely now is the time to apply the adherent. Different people use different techniques to apply epoxy. I always prefer to do it with the help of a toothpick. This process should be completed with great speed. This stands in this fashion so that it should not be dry before applying completely.

Step 4 – Wrap the Crack

The next step is to wrap the crack area. All you need to do is to use a rubber band so that it can hold the broken areas well till then the adhesive completes its work and the cup is well in shape.

You can use more than one rubber band in case of need.

Masking tape

In case you do not want to use the rubber band or if the Cup is really broken badly that the rubber band cannot be used. In this case, you can use masking tape. Apply the masking tape on both sides of the cup inside and outside. You need to wait at least 45 minutes before removing the masking tape. This is the time needed by the epoxy to be settled completely. Once the epoxy is completely dry. There is absolutely no harm in removing the masking tape from the mug.

In case you do it before the time it will certainly create a problem for you and the cup may not be repaired appropriately.

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The best glue to fix the mug handle

How to fix a broken coffee mug

In case you are not sure which glue should be used in order, fix the mug completely. In this case, Loctite Stik’n Seal Indoor Adhesive is the best solution. In case you do not know how and where to buy it. The links are given below. You can find on these links the best glue to fix.

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How to fix a broken coffee mug

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How to fix a cracked mug with milk

If you are dealing with china wear then you can repair the mug with the help of milk. All you need to do is to give a bath to the cracked mug. The process is simple, actually, this is a 3-step process.

Step 1- Put the cup in the milk

Put the broken cup in the milk. Try to completely drown the cup in the milk. If needed you can add some more milk. But do remember that the broken part should be drowned in the milk completely.

Step 2- Put it on the Heat

This is the time to put it on fire. Once you put it on fire, heat it at the appropriate and low temperature. Once the cup is properly heated now is the time to leave it like that so that it can be cooled to a lower temperature. Don’t put the broken cup out of the milk till it is completely cooled. Hopefully, your cup will be repaired again.

How to fix a chipped teacup

How to fix a broken coffee mug

The easiest way to handle this issue is to use nail polish. Try the matching nail polish and fill the chipped area with the nail polish. Let it dry for a while. Once completely dry you can easily use it.

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Final Words

Do remember that the broken edges can be sharpened and your hands can be injured while doing the repair. Therefore this is highly recommended that you should use gloves in the process of repairing.

Secondly, there is a limit to the repair of the broken cup. In case your cup is broken into many small pieces it cannot be repaired. In this case, it is best to leave the cup like this and put it in the dustbin. It cannot be repaired. If you want you can shed some tears on it but this will be of no use and you have to move on with your life.

Finally, if you have a cup that is microwave-safe or dishwasher-safe and is broken. There are high chance that the cup may not be able to exhibit the same traits which it used to be in the past.

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