How To Do Sublimation On Mugs

Sipping coffee or a fancy chamomile tea from your favorite mug is the best definition of solace and some me-time before you head to work or during the lunch break. The coffee or tea might be the most relaxing thing out there, but for some people, mugs are the perfect definition of your personality with all the quotes written on them.

You sit in the corner and wonder how quotes are printed on the mug because well, that surely seems to be rocket science. But to be honest, sublimation is the simple technique through which people can get their favorite quotes and limes imprinted on the mug. So, if you are interested in a little DIY, this article will tell you how to do sublimation on mugs. So, shall we start?

Sublimating On The Mug – Two Methods

Sublimation printing is an amazing technique that is pretty easy to implement, and with this technique, you can make your personalized mugs that reflect your taste and personality. In this section, we are sharing two ways of sublimating on the printers, along with prerequisite supplies. Also, all the basics have been mentioned in this section to help you out!

The Prerequisite Supplies

Sublimating the mugs might be conducted with DIY techniques, and that clearly shows that you will need different supplies, inclusive of the following;

  • Transfer paper
  • Sublimation printer and ink
  • Heat resistant tape
  • Mugs for sublimation
  • Mug wraps
  • Heating press

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How To Do Sublimation On Mugs

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Method One – Using The Mug Press

In this section, we have added the steps through which you can sublimate your mugs using the mug press. So, let’s see what the essential steps are!

    1. Make a design and print it down through the sublimation printer
    2. Mirror the design as well
    3. Align the design on the mug
    4. Tape the design on the mug but make sure that you use the heat-resistant tape
    5. Now, set up the printing press machine and put the mug inside (every press machine has different instructions, and it is better to follow the steps on the manual)
    6. Now, use firm pressure as per the mug and transfer paper
    7. Make sure your mug’s handle isn’t touching the metal edges because it elevates the pressure
    8. Take out the mug from the press machine using gloves
    9. Now, peel off the transfer paper
    10. Let the mug cool down, and your favorite mug is ready!

Method Two – Using The Mug Wraps

This is another DIY project which promises exceptional results, and by the end, you will have the perfect mug out there with your favorite lines written all over!

    1. Create the desired design and print it using the sublimation printer
    2. Align the design on the mug
    3. Use the heat resistant tape on the mug to put the design in place
    4. Now, moist the transfer paper using a wet towel
    5. Wrap the mug wrap around the mug (make sure there is no winkling of the transfer paper)
    6. Put the mug in an oven and use the temperature settings that are in compliance to transfer paper details

No matter which method you use for sublimating your mug, it is dishwasher safe, and you can even warm up your tea in the oven. Even more, you can scrub the mug to clean it up, and even more, start a small business of customized mugs!

Can You Use Any Mug For Sublimation?

So, you are sublimating the mugs and want it to turn out perfectly, but mind us, you need to make the right choice of mugs. And no, the regular mugs cannot be used for sublimation. It’s pretty hard to find the sublimation mugs in the supermarket, but a company with experience in blanks and dye-sub products can provide suitable mugs. It is better to opt for a white ceramic mug because they are perfect for sublimation and for using heat transfer paper. While you are choosing the sublimation mug, do consider the following aspects;

  • The mugs must have a polymer coating, so the print can be transferred into the coating
  • The mugs have to be dishwasher safe
  • They ought to have glossy surfaces

These mugs will ensure that you get the vibrant print sublimated on the mug, and also, you will be able to put this mug in a dishwasher topped with perks regarding durability and safety.

Mug Sublimation Time And Temperature

DIY sublimating might be an apt choice, but you need to be careful about the temperature and timing. Mug sublimating needs specific temperature and time control, and we have added them all in the section below;

  • Operating temperature and ideal temperature shall be 170-degrees and 110-degrees, respectively
  • If you are using the mug press, choose the time settings to 140 seconds
  • At the temperature of 180-degrees, try using time settings of three minutes

Sublimation Mug Printing Instructions

There are certain things that you need to ensure while sublimating the mug, such as;

  • Choosing the right temperature
  • Use heavy pressure settings
  • Use mirror images
  • Before wrapping the image, trim the sides

How To Sublimate A Mug In An Oven

Now, this is what we call the perfect DIY because you can get your favorite quotes imprinted on the mug using your home’s oven, sounds easy, right? We promise that it is!

  • First of all, print down the design using the printer and ink
  • Now, cut down the design and adhere it to the mug, using the tape
  • Use the mug wrap to wrap the design around the mug
  • Put the mug in the oven for 14 minutes (choose 425-degrees Fahrenheit settings)
  • Take it out once the time is over and peel off the wrap
  • And you are done!

How To Sublimate A Mug In An Air Fryer

There are many people who think that using the air fryer for sublimating the mug might not be a suitable option, but to be honest, there is nothing wrong with it. All you need to do is ensure using the right mug. However, the steps for sublimating the mug remain the same as sublimating the mug in the oven except you need to put the wrapped mug in an air fryer.