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What is it that separates the best porcelain coffee mug from the riffraff? Since you’re here in search of fine porcelain coffee mugs, you might have asked yourself this question. Its answer points you towards multiple features on which you shouldn’t compromise.

Whether you’re looking for custom porcelain coffee mugs that would complement your personality – or are in search of a porcelain travel mug that you could take with you on your next journey, make sure they are made of a chip-resistant, food-grade material.

Moreover, apart from being microwave and dishwasher-safe, the mug should also have a heat-insulated handle. You might also want it to have a secure lid that would prevent spills. And on top of everything else, its asking price shouldn’t blow a hole in your pocket.

Don’t think you can find a mug meeting this criterion? Scroll down to view five of them.

Sweese 601.001 Porcelain Mugs

The Sweese 601.001 is one of those porcelain mugs which prefer elegance over showboating. It has a no-frills design that is backed by FDA approved material and boasts commercial-grade quality. Provided you want a basic mug set to use in formal settings, you can’t go wrong with it.


First things first, the fact that this mug has an FDA approved material means it won’t pose any risks to your safety. Its all-white design won’t win it any compliments from the onlookers, but its elegance is surely going to make this cup stand-out from the crowd.

You don’t have to live with its all-white design if you find it boring. Those of you with an artistic bone in their body can make its smooth and shiny external surface the subject of your creative endeavors. That way you’d be able to personalize this model any way you like.

Since it comes in a set of six, the entire family can have their coffee, tea, cocoa, and cereal together. Also, its heat-resistant construction means that this cup’s contents won’t get cold soon. Still, if the unthinkable happens and your tea gets lukewarm, you can give this cup a spin in your microwave.

Once everybody is done with their drinks, you can safely put this model away in your dishwasher. Sweese goes out of the way to erase your concerns about this model’s durability by offering a 30-day refund and free replacement guarantee if anything goes awry with this product.


  • Lead-free construction
  • Chip-resistant material
  • Pro-grade porcelain
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Some people might find its white design too bland

10 Strawberry Street CATERING-12-MUG-W Catering Mug Set

Planning to invite the whole neighborhood to celebrate your achievement at the next gathering? Then you might want cups that aren’t only brilliant in design but also multiple in number. That’s why we recommend that you spend your hard-earned money on the 10-Strawberry Catering Mug Set.


Ever tried to drink anything from a square or coupe cup? Then you’d know the troubles you had to go to have that one sip. Luckily, thanks to its square design and huge 3.25’’ top diameter, this cup won’t force you to get creative to have your favorite drink.

You can’t guess by looking at this cup that it boasts a 4’’ height. That is enough to satiate the drinking appetite of the thirstiest of peoples. Though it goes without saying that you can always keep the volume of your drink low if the person on the receiving end isn’t a heavy drinker.

Furthermore, while most cups in this review are microwave and dishwasher-safe, this one goes the extra mile. It does that by boasting freezer-safe construction. That means that you can store your jellies and other similar items in the fridge by packing them inside the cup.

One area where we’d have liked this model to fare better is its heat resistance. Despite the fact that both the tray as well as the cup are microwave-safe, the latter gets considerably hot when exposed to heat for longer than a few minutes. So you might want to handle it carefully after a spin in the oven.


  • Affordable asking price
  • Boasts an elegant design
  • Is freezer-safe


  • Cup might get hot after a microwave session

Teocera Porcelain Coffee Mugs

At the cost of sounding judgmental, most cups on the market are either too small to require multiple refills or are too large to force you to brew carafes of coffee. The Teocera Porcelain Coffee mug is an exception to the norm as its average size makes it a must-have for most homes.


One of the defining features of this coffee mug is its spill-resistant design. A close inspection of its lip area would reveal that its edges have a minor contour, resembling the shape of your lips. That makes sure that no drops of coffee escape your mouth and ruin your clothes.

Teocera went back to its basics when designing the handle of this mug. The space between the two edges is such that the handle complements most holding styles. So whether you hold your drink in the English manner or you prefer the way of royalty, the space on offer won’t constrict your fingers.

A mere glance from above will reveal that this mug has a bottom-heavy design. While the space between its edges is considerable even at the top, it further increases as the walls go downwards. This arrangement allows you to easily clean the cup by using a bit of soap and water.

Given what we have told you in the previous paragraphs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this model is dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe. Its manufacturer takes responsibility for their product and further sweetens the deal by supplementing it with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Easy to clean
  • Just the right size
  • Lead and cadmium-free


  • Heavy

Sweese 601.114 Porcelain Mugs - 16 Ounce

In search of mugs that would make your dining table the main attraction for the invited guests? Then you can’t go wrong with the Sweese 601.114 Porcelain Mugs. Their black external coating perfectly rhymes with the inner white edges to make these mugs a dream-come-true for interior décor enthusiasts.


Most other mugs you see in this review have either gone for a square-shaped handle or a C-shaped handle. The Sweese 601.114 breaks the trend by opting for an open-shaped holding point. This decision makes this porcelain mug the best choice for those of you with big hands.

Does that mean those who don’t fit this criterion should look elsewhere? Of course not. They can take solace from the fact that this unit is made of FDA approved porcelain, whose lead-free, non-toxic and chip-resistant construction makes it a durable option to have in your kitchen.

It has the right size for the normal coffee drinker and boasts an asking price that won’t force you to rob a bank. Also, since it is a hybrid between a mug and a cup, you can use this model for tea, coffee, cocoa, and other drinking purposes and it won’t look out of place.

On top of everything else, this lightweight cup is both microwave as well as dishwasher safe. Its heat- and air-resistant construction makes this unit a perfectly safe option to place in your freezer. What’s more, if you find it lacking on any count, Sweese will offer a free replacement or refund.


  • Easy to clean
  • Just the right size
  • Lead and cadmium-free


  • Heavy

LIFVER 18 Ounces Coffee Mugs

Does the presence of bland-looking-cups in your home or office forces you to ask who’s cup is who’s? Looking for something that lets everybody know that it is yours without forcing you to lift a finger? If your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, then the Lifver 18 Ounces Coffee Mugs are for you.


You don’t need us telling you that there is nothing ordinary about these coffee mugs – a mere glance would be enough to hammer home this point. Their larger-than-life design and the use of vibrant colors in their construction means that these mugs are for those of you who want something unique.

Impressively for a cup that is so funky on its own, this one gives you the option to make it even funkier. Its external surface is matte glazed to let the coffee lovers personalize it whatever way you like. Everything from watercolors to your office marker can be used to decorate its external surface.

While this porcelain travel coffee mug doesn’t come with a silicone lid, it does boast FDA-approved and AB-grade construction. Hence the reason why you can safely place it in an oven, inside your freezer or give it a tumble in your dishwasher. To further sweeten the deal, its manufacturer offers a 30-day after-sales warranty on this product.


  • Lively design
  • Matte-glazed finish
  • FDA-approved material


  • Colors might be too loud for some of you


Without jumping into the ceramic Vs porcelain coffee mugs debate, we have recommended you five of the best porcelain coffee mugs money can buy. Whether you want your potential choice to accompany you on your next trip, hoping to give it your personal touch or just want to go the elegant route, we’ve got you covered.


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