A nice gift box with an accurate dimension to hold your mug snug and tight. I took one that was 5 into 5 inches you can measure your mug dimensions before choosing one.

You need to buy some packing peanuts to add some soft space for your fragile items. You need one more box bigger than earlier. To serve as your packing box almost 1 to 2 inches bigger than your gift box.

First of all, you need to wrap your mug with a newspaper, or for some neat effect, you can use an A4 paper as well.

Now place your mug in such a box that is perfect for the snug-fitting of your mug.

Now you need another box that is at least 2 inches bigger than the packing box. you need to fold some bubble sheets and put them on the bottom of the bigger box. Now place the other box which already contains the mug on this bubble sheet.

One that is containing the mug, other that is containing that box with the mug. Now you should add packing peanuts in the cavity to fill it up.

Mostly packing a single mug and sending it by priority mail cost me as 2lbs shipping rates. If you’re sending some light with mugs you may get some cheap rates but as far as its ceramics the causes not going to be too low.

If you’re thinking to ship two mugs in the same package you don’t have to follow a very different track. You are going to pack 2 mugs into different gift boxes and then you can pack those two gift boxes in one big packaging box.

So these foam boxes are not a very bad idea to try. But I still prefer the idea which I shared earlier with you in spite of the fact that they can reduce the shipping cost.

Packing tumblers is not very different from packing mugs. Rather they are less prone to breaking so you can be a little less careful with them.