Guide To Ship The Coffee Mugs Safely & Transport

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When you are thinking to start a new business of selling personalized gifts. As I did a few years back the very first order which I got was a pair of hand-painted mugs. Actually I am quite good at painting so I prepared two mugs one for Mr and others for Mrs as their marriage anniversary gift.

I was done with the job, the next thing which was actually no less than an adventure. I came to know that I will have to ship them to California and it was quite a challenging thing for me because mugs or any crockery is truly fragile. Now the question was how to ship coffee mugs?

I decided to figure out the safest way to ship those mugs to my first customers. If you are stuck with the same situation here I am going to share with you the idea which rescued my business.

Required Items To Pack  Your Mugs

Let’s start by collecting a few articles that will be required to pack your mugs in the best and safest transportable package.

    • A nice gift box with an accurate dimension to hold your mug snug and tight. I took one that was 5 into 5 inches you can measure your mug dimensions before choosing one.
    • You might have some old magazines and newspapers to collect them, they will help you as a shock-absorbing material.
    • Some bubble wrap sheet.
    • You need to buy some packing peanuts to add some soft space for your fragile items.
    • You need one more box bigger than earlier. To serve as your packing box almost 1 to 2 inches bigger than your gift box.
    • An Adhesive and a quality packaging tape

Step By Step Guide How to Ship Coffee Mugs

(FOMO mug shipping method)

Now let’s start the packing process

  • Step 1

First of all, you need to wrap your mug with a newspaper, or for some neat effect, you can use an A4 paper as well. But make sure that you don’t miss any area, pay special attention to the handle coverage because this can be the most sensitive area of any mug.

  • Step 2

Now place your mug in such a box that is perfect for the snug-fitting of your mug. Don’t use any bigger box that can leave extra space of your mugs trembling here and there.

If you not getting any appropriate box you can actually make one with the help of a cardboard sheet by wrapping it around your mug. Cutting the extra cavities and folding them to make your box.

  • Step 3

Now you need another box that is at least 2 inches bigger than the packing box. you need to fold some bubble sheets and put them on the bottom of the bigger box. Now place the other box which already contains the mug on this bubble sheet. Place it in the center once you have placed the box now comes the next step

  • Step 4

In step 4 you need to fill in the cavities left between the walls of both boxes. One that is containing the mug, other that is containing that box with the mug. Now you should add packing peanuts in the cavity to fill it up. But make sure don’t stuff it with loads of packing peanuts you just need to fil it nicely. Only that amount with which you can nicely shut the box without much pressure.

  • Step 5

Now when you are done with the packing job you need to tape up the package nicely and it’s ready to go. If you need to add some voucher or marketing stuff you can add it in the bigger box before fixing it with tape.

Tips & Tricks To Ship Mug Safely

  • If you are thinking to save some money by using less packaging material. As with less weight, you will have to pay less shipping charges. Believe me, it’s not going to spare you much money but you can get a loss of refunding a broken Mug. So it’s better to be safe than broken use adequate material to pack your mugs to avoid any breakage. I have been using this since last so many years and did not even one complain of receiving a broken mug or a claim.
  • Mostly packing a single mug and sending it by priority mail cost me as 2lbs shipping rates. If you’re sending some light with mugs you may get some cheap rates but as far as its ceramics the causes not going to be too low.
  • When you are wrapping the sheet around the mug as your first coat try to avoid extra burden. For instance, if you are using 24 by 24 sheet half of it, can be enough to wrap the whole mug nicely.
  • The handle is the most sensitive area of your mug. So while transportation makes sure that the extra sheet gives extra coverage to the handle area.
  • While packing the gift box that contains the mug in the packaging box, make sure that it is nicely filled with the packing peanuts. Moreover, check that the things in the box are not moving around when you shake it, but don’t stuff it too hard as it can cause pressure and breakage.
  • It’s a money saver tip if you are short of packing peanuts you can use newspaper rough rolls as a replacement to serve the purpose.


What is the best way of shipping multiple mugs?

If you’re thinking to ship two mugs in the same package you don’t have to follow a very different track. You are going to pack 2 mugs into different gift boxes and then you can pack those two gift boxes in one big packaging box. Repeating the same way as placing the bubble sheets beneath and packing peanuts in the cavities. While placing the boxes make sure that the boxes don’t hit each other and don’t forget how to put packing peanuts in the central cavity. You can take Regional Mail A boxes to pack two mugs in one.

How to ship a mug first class?

The procedure which I have shared with you is quite safe. I have been using this procedure for years and not even one complaint from any client has been received yet. So you pack your mugs in the given procedure and I assure you that you can ship your mugs, first class.

Is it safe to pack a mug box with foam?

Editor’s Pick

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Salient Features

  • Pack of 12 Sturdy Boxes
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  • Spacious Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ x 15″


If you are thinking to ship your mugs in a mug box with foam it’s not a very bad idea, but there are some reservations. Like you need to make sure that you get the perfect size box, because in a different case that is not very safe. It may cost you a little less but it’s a bit risky as well. So these foam boxes are not a very bad idea to try. But I still prefer the idea which I shared earlier with you in spite of the fact that they can reduce the shipping cost.

What is the best way to ship tumblers?

Packing tumblers is not very different from packing mugs. Rather they are less prone to breaking so you can be a little less careful with them. But the idea will stay the same you need to wrap it in wrapping paper. Then you need to put it in a nice gift box, you don’t need to place a bubble paper beneath, after putting it in a packaging box.

But as the packaging box is bigger than the gift box you need to fill in the cavities with some packing peanuts. if you want to add some gift note or some voucher it’s better you add it in the packaging box before sealing. Or you can tie it on the gift box with some nice ribbon.

Note: when you are packing mugs you need to be more careful about the handle part. But when it comes to tumblers the lid is the most sensitive area so first put on the lid, then wrap it nicely and tightly.