Animal & Birds Shaped Mugs

Animal & Birds Shaped Mugs

Mugs are not just Kitchenware but practically working as a design element in different interiors. I am writing this article for few a sorted animal and bird lovers just like me. I am truly a nature lover, and my interior incorporates many animal and bird shapes.

Then how I can spare my barware, So this article is dedicated to a few aficionados those who practically know how to appreciate nature and incorporate it in such a way that it reflects in your livings as well.  So without wasting much time, let’s hop the ideal deals that can add the desired attraction to your barware moreover can bring you an ideal option to gift someone with an assorted taste for animal and bird-shaped mugs.  

1. Cute Cat Cup


  • Material: ceramic
  • Capacity: 11Oz
  • Cat shaped


This mug is a true delight for a genuine cat lover, perfect to spill your coffee and amazing to decorate your side table.

I always prefer crockery that is truly multi-purpose as I believe a mug that is a delight to the eyes is accurate to pour your coffee or tea. And this cat-shaped mug is exactly what I always wished for.

Black and white color perfectly tempered edge and the elegant tail of my little catty wisely enough shaped into a mug’s handle… for me, it’s simply ahaa! Go grab your piece as this one is a limited edition.

2. Porcelain Owl Shaped Mug


  • Mesmerizing Owl Shaped
  • Class in both design and siping
  • HandPainted Art Piece
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Capacity:12 oz


This owl-shaped mug is actually one of the best options which I found in the aminal design mug category. It’s truly an irresistible piece for me. The beautiful shine and amazing and extraordinary hand-painted perfection are all truly remarkable.

 It’s an amazing blend of a realistic shape cast out and blended with design elements to create a masterpiece. I truly found it perfect in both looks and feel.

I bet you can’t find anything better than this to adore your shelf and sip up your coffee. So it’s kind of buy one to get one deal, as buy the best looking mug and enjoy the best siping experience. 

So it’s an amazing offer to get on a high horse with as low as this mug, as this one is not just a mere mug but a hand-painted art piece which is as low as… so check prize…

3. Tea Rex By Enesco


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dino Shaped
  • Material: Stoneware Clay
  • Capacity:16Oz
  • Safe And Healthy Material


This one is our family favorite not only my little monster love it, but it’s also my favorite as well. You can explore your big coffee hunt with its appropriate 16oz size or lend it to your junior to have a wish of sipping out his big milo come true.

And when resting on your shelf it’s no less than glamour and mighty Mug. It’s a glimpse of your early childhood Just recall your Jurassic Park and looking to that mark it will take to flashback.

This one is fully recommended from my side if you are an animal lover and cherish your old memories this one is a definite selection for you. Moreover don’t miss judge it’s decorative appearance as it causes no harm to your coffee experience. Moreover, I simply love the quote which says,  let them hear your Rawr!

 Note: put it on the highest rank, as your toddler is going to love it as much as you do, so if you want to keep it safe keep it away Haha! 

4. Karma Gifts Black And White Mug


  • Beautiful composition
  • Realistic and abstract in design
  • Easy handle
  • Material: Ceramic Mug
  • Capacity: 14 Oz


This mug is an outstanding collection for a nature lover. If you want a perfect mug, that blend with any of your interior still mentioning the most abstract and realistic form ever.  The black and white colors perfectly composed of some flora and fauna is no less than a Persian miniature illustration.

Along with its beautiful illustrative look, it is still the best to spill out your coffee from. So If you are a black and white fan on a nature lover this is exactly what you are looking for. Beautiful motives and abstract running of elephant wow I really love the composition you too will.

In spite of its beauty, it is made up of perfect ceramic making that a safe choice to use in the microwave and dishwasher. Moreover, the beautiful message inscribed on it says” walk in peace”.

 this makes it a perfect choice to gift someone and be in their mind with every morning coffee.

5. White Ceramic Mug Elephant Shape


  • Elegantly crafted elephant shape
  • positive quote
  • Material: high quality ceramic
  • Capacity:18.6 ounce


 This Mug is no less than perfection, It’s artistic shape never interferes in holding such a big mug or sipping the perfect coffee out of it. So deliberately and delicately it is transformed into a mug, keeping the elephant depiction perfect, still the mug comfort awesome.

 you will just love to hold the handle and wrap the mug around your hands enjoy your big dose of coffee. as this is one of the largest mug you can have with its more than 18 ounce capacity.

The addition of gold just adds up royal glamour to its serene sophistication. So this one is a double outcome investment to sip up your perfect coffee or tea or even it’s just adorning and complementing new Kitchenware.

 yes of course if you have a special friend or a loved one who loves his coffee as much as you do. Why don’t you gift it to him or her I as always remain in his heart as an elegant memory. I am truly a big fan of it seems like my fascination animal mug as i always wanted.

Last Words

I hope you liked the article which is shared with you I really love the cute cat and the mysterious Dyno is my kid’s favorite and Elephant one that is a perfect choice to gift to anybody. And another elephant with golden shades it’s amazing due to its glamour and royalty. I hope you like them all too much as I can’t resist on my favorite mugs click to check price button and by the one which you like the most. I couldn’t resist so I bought all of them but definitely one by one I need to check on a budget as well.

I am not a miser but a wiser shopper so my collection is the best still the cheapest have a happy mug collection. and don’t forget to gift one of your favorites to any of your loved ones because your choice is your reflection and definitely all of us want to be there in the minds and the sight of those whom we love the most. See you somewhere in some other article for the same blog because mugs are my passion and this is the best guide for mugs indeed.

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