Best Vinyl for Coffee Mugs – Buyers Guide

What every coffee lover wants to brighten up his or her morning, is definitely a big nice mug of coffee. and is it only the beverage that matters the most, no I guess for a true aristocrat the Coffee Mug is as important as the drink.

Nowadays the trend of customizing your own coffee mug is in full bloom. Even a few experts are treating it as a good business.

But what if you want to create your personalized mug, will you always have to rely on those who will charge you double the actual cost?

Or you can just grab the best vinyl and customize your own. once you have decided to create your own artistic mug, to use personally, or to gift someone very special you will have to figure out the answers to a few questions.

  • Which type of vinyl is actually best for Mugs?
  • Which kind of design or font you should choose?
  • Which shape and type of mugs are best to choose for vinyl pasting?
  • What is the best way to apply vinyl on a mug to execute your personalized design?
  • And which brands are actually offering you the vinyl which can withstand the wear and tear of daily use?
  • In this article, you will get the best possible answer for your above-mentioned queries.

we will try to simplify the task and make it possible for you to do it by yourself. Moreover, we will suggest to you the best heat press that will make your work easy and long-lasting. So let’s start with the Vinyl that works best for your mug.

Most Affordable Yet Durable Vinyl For Mugs


As we promised to provide you with the best vinyl for your mugs, here we are presenting this Oracle 651 this vinyl cost you the lowest and serve you no less than the best. Be confident to buy, as Oracle is almost the industry leader in the production of vinyl.

Moreover, provides you with the ease of usability, No matter what kind of vinyl cutter you are using silhouette, cameo or Cricut this vinyl is made to work best with all. Moreover, its adhesive strength is no less than impressive so it contributes a lot to durability.

This 12” by 12” sheet is the best you can get for outdoor use. And the variety of color ranges allows you to design your most economical yet most colorful Mug.

Distinguish Quality

With a thickness of 2.5 mils and a strong adhesive, it is one of the best yet most affordable vinyls for your porcelain and other mugs. I don’t say you can’t buy better but definitely, this one is worth considering.

  • Wide range of colors

  • Compatible with all vinyl cutting machines
  • Made in U.S.A

  • Nill

Best Deal To Get Best Vinyl For Making Coffee Mugs


Want to turn your mug designing into a profitable business. So here is your chance, buy this bundle of 12 rolls measuring 12” by 6 feet. As it’s a complete package you will not only get a good stock of vinyl sheets but also a roll of masking transfer tape is included in it.

Now with this oracle deal of vinyl rolls and transfer tape. you are just ready to switch on your best circuit for vinyl and create a personalized mug for you and your prestigious customers. Moreover, Oracle 651 is definitely the most reliable permanent vinyl available in the market

Distinguish Quality

The money-saving feature of this deal is quite inviting, as Oracle 651 is the champion in the said game. So here you can get the best glossy and durable vinyl sheets for your mugs at most affordable prices.

Note: these sheets are multi-purpose not restricted to mugs only and great for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Money saver

  • Most durable vinyl for making mugs

  • Transfer tape included in the deal

  • Only 2.5 mils thick glossy in look

  • So Fontsy’s design included

  • Nill

Best Vinyl For Pressing Mugs


When it comes to vinyl crafts Oracle is the name we can certainly trust in. This Oracal 651 Vinyl and Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Starter Kit Bundle provides you with 12 best-selling vinyl sheet glossy colors. Like all other Oracle 651 sheets, those are compatible with any kind of vinyl cutters such as silhouette and Cricut.

This Siser easy weed heat transfer vinyl is the best choice for all, whether it’s a hard surface of your porcelain mug or wall. And even the best choice to personalize your soft items such as shirts and towels.

Distinguish Quality

The best feature forced me to add this vinyl sheet in my list of best glitter vinyl for mugs. These are the unique adhesive qualities that make it perfect for both hard and soft surfaces. Moreover, its glitter finish with 325 microns is also a big plus.

  • Best for any kind of surface no matter hard or soft

  • Proper guidance for heat transfer by silhouette school

  • Free excess of almost 50 designs from silhouette school and a PDF file with vinyl ideas

  • Best glitter and glossy vinyl for mugs

  • With 100% customer satisfaction no cons listed.

Best Power Heat Press For Vinyl


The heat transferable vinyl needs heat and pressure to properly transfer the vinyl to the mugs or any item like shirts and towels. So this  Fancierstudio Power Heat Press with its dimensions of 15-by-15-Inch, and Digital Sublimation heat pressing qualities it’s almost the best in the business.

It provides you with a temperature range of 0-500 F within a time range of 0-999s. Moreover, you will be provided with full control over heat and pressure adjustment. You can just manage them according to your product whether it’s hard or soft.

Distinguish Quality

The qualities which give this heat press for pressing mugs and shirts, a selling edge over other competitors are its adjustable and controllable heat and pressure features. Moreover, it is operated at a low voltage of 110 which makes its use cost-effective as well.

  • Versatile temperature range

  • The adjustable baseboard made up of silicon

  • Low operational cost

  • Timmer is not very reliable

The Best Type Of Mugs For Creating Vinyl Design


Once you decide to compose and create your personalized mugs with vinyl sheets. The very first thing you need to check is the base on which you are going to work. So the shape and type of mugs is a very important factor to consider. It can definitely affect the execution of your design and the results obtained.

  • So the lighter the curve the simple and easy the vinyl fixing will prefer mugs with the same diameter from top to bottom.
  • If the mug is broader from the top and gets sleek at the bottom the execution will be a bit tricky.
  • Moreover, if the mug tends towards the pitcher shape and is more curvey the design application will be more intricate and your chances of getting bubbles and twists.

Tips: For Using The Best Vinyl For Making Coffee Mugs.

While you are making vinyl coffee mugs with your personalized design you need to be cautious about the following facts to get the perfect results.

  • Avoid very thin and narrow designs for your coffee mug designing as the very thin designs are more prone to chip off.
  • While using your best Cricut vinyl try to manage the design in accordance with your mug type. as if you are trying an innovative shape you will have to maintain the innovation in your design as well.
  • Mostly the heat transfer vinyl is not what you can call the best vinyl for coffee mugs.
  • Joined and attached design works better with the best glitter vinyl for mugs.
  • Plz, be patient while weeding your design. as while removing unwanted details you may mess with the desired one.
  • Make sure that you want a temporary design or a permanent one, and choose your vinyl accordingly.
  • The glitter vinyl for your mugs can be a bit tricky as the transfer tape can’t grip it properly.
  • While choosing the best vinyl for your porcelain or any other ceramic mug do consider, that the thinner the vinyl sheet will be the longer and better it will stay.


  • Oracle 651 is the best vinyl used for pressing mugs which are created to bear the daily wear and tear without affecting the customization.
  • Heat transferable vinyl is best for soft surfaces.
  • Whatever vinyl you are using it’s never recommended to wash your vinyl pressed mugs in a dishwasher. As in the long term use, it will definitely affect the designing and vinyl grip on your mug.