How To Build A Hand Warmer Mug

Oh what’s up guys I’m Sabeen so glad, you could join me here in this article. Today we have a very special article for you today about the making of the hand-warming mug so, in this article, we’re going to go through how to make this hand-warming mug.


Be warned if you make these they will sell and people will want to buy them forever. And when you decide they are annoying to make and you don’t want to make them anymore.

you’ll still have people asking for them for years and years and years I know this from my experience. I made these a few years ago and people are still like, can you make those handwarmer mugs again?

And I’m like I don’t I really don’t want to! you have been warned to make hand-warming mugs at your own risk.

Teaching You, To Make One For Your Own

you know I don’t even really sell them anymore so I just want to teach you how to make them for your own good. They’re so cozy like your hand just fits right in there. Like a very Kouga Hyuga I kind of design my own way to make these. so I have no idea if anybody else makes them like this. but this is how I make them. They worked great for me. I may start making them again and sell them for like a thousand dollars okay. I don’t know a thousand dollars, but I might sell them for a lot.

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A Bit Technical, But Still Worth a Try

They’re just not my favorite thing to make, but still, I like the twist and turns. And especially the cozy feel that I get from these cozy handwarmer mugs.

Steps To Make Hand Warmer Mugs

Here we will guide you to make your own mugs, as professional as Clay In Motion hand Warmer mugs.

Clay Preparation 

  • First of all, you need finely kneaded clay.
  • By finely kneaded, I mean it should have the perfect amount of water, so that it no longer sticks to your hand.
  • It should be molded easily and still be firm enough to stay in place without getting stuck to your hands.
  • Make sure, there are no impurities. As any straw or any stone within the clay can cause the whole hard work wasted.

Pottery Creation

  • Now when you have your clay ready, Let’s get on the wheel.
  • You just need 1.25- 1.5 Kg finely kneaded clay. According to the desired height.
  • If you want a taller mug you need definitely a bit more of clay
  • Now you need to Centre the clay on a potter’s wheel plate

Shaping Up To perfection


  • Push on the center and raise it up to  the basic cylindrical form
  • And shape up the basic form of a mug.  as you are done with the basic cylindrical form
  • Leave it to dry in a shaded place for 24 hours that it gets  firm but stays soft enough to allow a bit more modeling
  • Now you need to make a C-shaped cut. Make a cut, exactly at the place where you would have joined the handle.
  • If you will try to make a cut in a very wet mug, it may crash
  • While raising up the mug make sure that the walls are thick enough. these walls are going to be thicker from your normal mug.

Conversion To A Hand Warmer Mug

  • Now you need to make a slap with almost an exact thickness of the mug walls.
  • Raise the outer structure  in such a way a, that it acts as a pocket for your hand
  • Put your hand inside the cut and make the cavity a loose fit for your hand
  • Reason for making it a loose fit is that the  clay shrinks as it’s dry down
  • Add the slab to fill the gap inside, So it can fill the cavity and it can hold the liquid
  • While joining the clay on the inner part don’t forget to add some liquified clay on both, the mug walls and the newly shaped slap piece.
  • Now when you have attached the slab to the inner part and inserted your hand inside the cavity we need to shape  it up neatly

Fixing To Perfection

  • Firstly you will  use your fingers and secondly you can take help  from a sponge or a spatula to make it a flawless bond
  • Normally I don’t mind my finger marks on my mug as it seems a bit artistic to me, but when it comes to these handwarmer mugs, I prefer ultimate fineness and maximum smoothness.
  • While fixing the inner slab, you need to make sure that it is perfectly merged on the surface. As any space or any cavity left can cause dripping that at the end results in a waste product.
  • As you are done with outer and inner beautification you are ready with your perfect hand warmer mug, that is beautiful, spacious cosy and trendy.
  • When smoothing the inner cavity and maintaining the outer curve do remember that this one is not just a mug but an art piece. That should fit like a designer costume for your hand. and should be smooth like a perfect porcelain mug.

How To Bake A Hand Warmer mug

Baking a mug is a bit technical as clay if not baked under perfect circumstances can blow up in an oven. A mug is needed to be baked at high temperature, such high temperature is mostly not available at the home oven.

  • First of all you need to preheat the oven to 275 Degrees
  • Now you need Parchment paper,you can take a ceramic tile and place it for heating while you start oven to preheating
  • The ceramic tile is actually prescribed to evenly distribute the heat instead of focusing the whole heat on one place and blowing up the clay
  • In the next step you need to place the parchment paper over the tile  and place the mug over it
  • Then put your mug in the center and place a tented paper on the top of the mug so the heat don’t scrocth the mug and burn it out
  • Finally, you need to set the baking time the time can be adjusted according to a ratio of 15 mins per ¼ inch thickness
  • At the end you need to be very careful while taking the mug out of the oven as it must be very hot and can burn you if not handled
  • You need to put the mug at a side place until it’s  not cool and safe to touch

Innovation Possibilities

If you are an innovator you can look into endless possibilities,  the technique will remain the same more or less. As you can change the side of the cut for a left-handed person, because when I made them for the first time my friends just for a few pieces customized for the left-handers.


 Moreover, You can innovate with the shape instead of a pocket for a single hand. you can go with the possibility of holding your mug in both hands inserted inside the pocket enjoying the sip of perfect coffee with the bliss of desired warmth.

Even choose a different shape for your mark instead of a cylindrical one.  You can choose it to be tall you can choose it to be wide you can even be a bit more innovative and turn it to some animal shape. The options are limitless, destruction can be only your skill and expertise.

Final Finishes

Carving Options

When it comes to final finishes your options are unlimited carve the details or motives whatever you like. Up to your heart’s desire, Welcoming you just need to take your that you can’t have a completely leather dry mug. it’s better you choose to handle it while it’s still soft enough to carve.

Painting Options

If you like something hand-painted it’s still not a bad option. Choose a color scheme you can apply with your small paintbrush. Or Can give big strokes to give an impact on the marbled surface.

When you have the guts and desire of an artist believe me you can really create masterpieces within no time. I personally love making pottery due to its limitless option and ease of innovation.

For Painting your mugs  I suggest just following the theme and making something truly antique yet artistic. If you are making it For your personal use you will fall in love with it. if it is a customized piece for your privileged customers believe me that is something no less than a true relationship.

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A Perfect Gift of Love

This is not just a hand-warming mug, but a symbol of love, a true feeling, and You have created by yourself it has the warmth of your hands the texture of your love, and the color of your relationship.

I can’t say there is anything more communicative to share the warmth and love you feel for someone so special. So Just go grab the perfect clay in creation, make the perfect mug for your perfect loved one.

Why To Use A HandWarmer Mug

  • The world is full of different types of people if you ask me why I prefer hand warmer months instead of the simpler what those are lighter and easy to carry.
  • Just think of the scenario, you are sitting in extremely cold weather with both your hands are warm in your pocket. you want to sip up that warmth within yourself so you order a hot cup of coffee.
  • Now your coffee is Just in front of you and you are afraid to put your hands out of the pocket and hold your mug to sip up your coffee. huuuuuh Can you feel the cold? 
  • On the contrary think of the handwarmer mug, your hand came out of your warm pockets and swiftly slipped into the cozy pocket of your mug. now your hand is hugging the coffee, and your lips are in a deep kiss with your coffee. I feel it is very sexy and romantic. If you are a cold kind of person who does not have much taste for romance, still the handwarmer mugs are a better option to sip from. 
In short

  1. Keep your hands  warm, so you can enjoy your coffee with maximum ease
  2. It has a perfect  grip which is not possible with any other type of handle
  3. This one is truly artistic so a delight for those who believe imperfection
  4. You Can Customize It according to your own choices and sizes
  5. Can be a perfect addition to your barware
  6. A perfect thing to gift to a loved one


While you are using Handwarmer mugs you need to be careful about a few delicacies. Firstly you need to prefer hand wash for it instead of the dishwasher as the dishwasher may not clean the inner details.

These mugs whether made at home or a commercial product like clay in motion, hand warmer mugs are delicate like double-walled mugs should be handled with care to avoid breakage.

Moreover, the hand-painted pieces are better if you wash them with your hands instead of the dishwasher. Use of Microwave for hand-painted mugs is also not very recommended as it can cause splattering of paint.


I hope you will find this article useful to Boost Your knowledge about making your own handwarmer mug. Now you know all the facts and do’s and dont’s of your desired handwarmer mugs. That mug will not only assure you the perfect sipping experience of your coffee.

Moreover, you will get benefit from other thoughts and ideas which are shared with you. So don’t waste your spare time and do something really fun. Make your own pottery and enjoy the fruitful activity that will satisfy your creativity.  Do involve your kids as well, as your kids can enjoy your company and learn actually something really worthy.
And after all the above description if you still want to buy something made out of professionals do click here for the best clay in motion handwarmer mug and winter wonderland handwarmer mug

Best of luck!