Best Friend Long Distance Mugs – Friendship Mugs Guide

Have you ever experienced a long-distance relationship, it’s a truly painful experience. What pinches you most is to be alone in those moments which you had cherished together. when you and your partner are experiencing a state-to-state long-distance relationship and still want to recall the experience of having coffee together. 

Aww, don’t feel sad as here in this article we are going to share the best gifts for a long-distance relationship. that can narrow down the difference not in physical, but at least in the emotional scenarios.

Personalizing coffee mugs with names or even your favorite quotes is a great thing to gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend or any other loved both of you can feel the warmth of your relationship still being far away from each other.

So let’s check out the list of best options that I found really helpful, to connect me and my boyfriend living in two different states. We both had a common love for our favorite mug of coffee. So I gifted him with a collection so he can enjoy every sip of his coffee with the blend of my true love.

Best State To State Long-Distance Mugs


This one is truly close to my heart, as the state of Texas is actually the living space of my love nowadays. I gifted him with this ceramic mug and we both enjoy our coffee at the same time of the day. The strong grip of its perfect handle makes us feel too close even in this state-to-state long-distance relationship. Lip lock of its finely contoured edge recalls us of all those adorable moments which we spent together.

The selected imagery is a true depiction of a strongly connected long-distance relationship where distance doesn’t interrupt the true feelings. Like your emotions, these mugs are also long-lasting as the image is printed with the best sublimation ink. So the image is not going to fade out or vanish away even after microwave or dishwasher use.

Attractions Of This Personalize Distance Relationship Mug

  • The best thing to gift to a long-distance friend
  • Keep long-distance relationships strong
  • Best depiction
  • Perfect quotation
  • High-quality Ceramic Material
  • Best Quality Sublimation Printing
  • Perfect sizing of 15 Oz
  • Made in the U.S.A

Best Personalised Distance Relationship Mug

Want to show your true love and assure the stability of your state-to-state long-distance relationship with your friend. So what you are waiting for, grab this best-personalized distance relationship mug for your friend. and gift, it to a friend leaving for a different state or already left.

This mug not only depicts your strong long-distance relationship through imagery. But the perfect quotation written on it mentions it verbally as well.

“Forever never apart maybe in distance but never in heart” how beautifully explains the true gesture and feel of long-distance love.

This one is a perfect gift to any friend or loved one living at some distance. The perfect way to tell that distance doesn’t matter in a true relationship.

Attractions Of This Personalize Distance Relationship Mug

  • The best thing to gift to a long-distance friend
  • Keep long-distance relationships strong
  • Best depiction
  • Perfect quotation
  • High-quality Ceramic Material
  • Best Quality Sublimation Printing
  • Perfect sizing of 15 Oz
  • Made in U.S.A

Best Ever Personalized Coffee Mugs

This one is something ultimate if you want to gift something everlasting to someone so special but at so long a distance. This mug from Cupology actually provides you with full expression and liberty to write the name of the state where your soul mate devels.

As your love doesn’t have any boundaries, so do this Best Personalized Distant Relationship Mug. So here you can write the name of your long-distance loved one and even specify the name of the city within the state where you are sharing your state-to-state long-distance relationship.

These best naming mugs are actually printed with the sublimation heat printing so the print is permanent and everlasting just like your love and relationship. Moreover, these mugs are made up of high-quality Ceramic, which is reliable. After all, a gift of love should be perfect and reliable.

This personalized Coffee Mug imparts you with the warmth of your relationship as you are still sipping from that loved-filled coffee mug together.

Attractions Of Best Ever Personalized Coffee Mugs

  • You can choose any size from 11 or 15 Oz
  • A good color range to select from
  • Your personalized quotation
  • Personalized state names
  • Heart placed within personalized cities
  • Maps designed according to said states
  • Produced and posted quickly
  • Safe for microwave and dishwasher
  • Designed with love to covey your true feelings
  • Best sublimation inks used

Personalized Best Friend State Mugs


Missing your best friend from another state? Let’s plant a gift that can transmit the warmth and heat of your love.

And nothing can be more perfect than this personalized best friend state mug that can covey your feelings in the most personalized way. You can illustrate the state where your long-distance friend stays. You can dictate the name according to your personal requirements. You can select your best friend’s favorite color. All in your personalized mug is under your command. And Cupology understands your relationship and produces the best-personalized mugs for your best friend. 

So gift this gift mug and add up your aroma in your best friend’s coffee so they can just assume you are still there.

Attractions Of Your Personalized Best Friend State Mugs

  • The perfect gift to tell they are being missed
  • Size options 11 – 15 Oz
  • States portrayed perfectly
  • Heart illustrated in desired cities
  • Selection of colors from the wide color range
  • Best quality sublimation inks used
  • Safe to use in dishwasher and microwave

Personalized Running Mug For Your Best Friend


This can be a unique gift for your best friend as your love can track him anywhere in any state he or she moves to.

This mug is not just a simple personalized mug, but an activity to keep in touch with your long-distance best friend who’s fond of running or frequent shiftings. this mug is no less than perfection in its design or its creation just like your friendship. The durable ceramic material, best inks applied and all the finishes make it a competent design.

It’s no less resilient than an actual runner. your friend or you can undoubtedly use it in microwave or dishwasher as still nothing will fade away. 

You just need a permanent marker to mark the tracks which you or your friend have run through, together or separately. you can’t find anything better to gift if your friend is a runner. As whenever he will come back from a chilly track your gift will welcome with a cozy feel on having coffee together.

Attractions Of Your Personalized Running Mug For Your  Best Friend

  • Unique design
  • Activity cum souvenier
  • High-quality materials
  • Best quality durable inks used
  • A permanent marker can be used over it
  • Microwave and dishwasher allowed

Personal Experience 

If you want to cherish and save a  long-distance relationship you truly need to keep it boosted with different gestures of love and care. And what else can be more accurate than those gifts of love that impart your feel even in your absence, that can advocate your love even when both of you are in two different states.

So don’t think much, just grab one from the above-mentioned list of best-personalized mugs. Gift it to your best friend or loved ones and give a boost to your long-distance relationship.