What Kind Of Paint Will Stay On Ceramic Mugs?

Ceramic is a wonderful surface for an artistic medium. Of course, you will want one that will stick! If you are worried about what kind of paint will stay on ceramic mugs, do not fear! There are countless, lovely, durable, waterproof paints available. All that you require is a recommended medium, like acrylic or Mod Podge, the right technique, and the proper seal.

What Kind Of Paint Will Stay On Ceramic Mugs?

Ceramic mugs are a classic item in the home. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a hot drink? This versatile dishware can also be used to decorate. In fact, when it comes to what kind of paint will stay on ceramic mugs, there are several excellent options to choose from!
You can paint with acrylics, brush on mod podge, or even use nail polish to personalize your mug and make it something really special.

Paint For Mugs That Won’t Wash Off

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There are many kinds of paint for mugs that won’t wash off. Along with the right paint type, you will need the right technique and the proper seal.

Acrylic Is A Super Versatile Ceramic Mug Paint Choice

Should you be wondering what kind of paint will stay on ceramic mugs, then consider acrylics. Acrylic paint is one of the best options out there, and perhaps the most popular!
Acrylic paints are both easy to find (at your local craft or even all-purpose grocery store), and affordable. They also offer a great deal of variety.
So, how do you use acrylics to paint a ceramic mug? The process is simple. Pick out some of your favorite acrylic paint colors. To ensure the paints are made for glazed (or unglazed, depending on what your mug is) ceramics specifically, check each label.
To create a clean surface, wash your mug, and then allow it to dry.
Then, you can paint whatever you like! You may want to know how to seal acrylic paint on a ceramic mug. Just purchase a water-proof seal.

Chalkboard Paint For Ceramic Mugs Is Ideal

Have you ever heard of chalkboard paint? Perhaps you have seen it on the walls of someone’s home. This is a new, fun paint that will literally allow you to create a board out of paint, for chalk. The paint is called porcelain/chalkboard paint, and you can find it at your local craft store, or online.
First, paint your mug as you prefer. Let the mug sit for 24 hours or more until it is completely dry. Place the mug in the oven while it is off. Set the oven to 300 F, and once it has preheated, cook for 30-40 min. You see, putting glass in the oven when it is already hot will cause too rapid of a temperature change, and can easily cause it to break.
Once your mug has baked and is cool, you may draw whatever you like on it with chalk.

Mod Podge Your Ceramic Mug For Decor

Mod podge is a very popular craft activity! You can even use it on your mug. Before you start, make sure that your mug is clean! Otherwise, residual dirt and oil may interfere.
From here, mod Podge a picture you have drawn, or a photo, etc., on card stock.
You will need about 3 coats of Mod Podge. Allow each coat to dry for 1-2 hours before you apply the next one.
Finally, your custom Mod Podge mug will need 28 days to cure. After a month, give it a run in the dishwasher to get rid of any excess chemicals, and then the mug is yours to use safely.
Mod Podge is painted for mugs that won’t wash off. This is certainly a practical and stylish way to enjoy a hot drink!

Some Spraypaints Can Make A Great Decor Choice

You can use certain, quality spraypaints to decorate your mugs as well. Look for spray paints that are non-toxic and waterproof.
To begin, create a light, even coat, and be sure to avoid getting the layer too thick. Don’t worry; you can add more layers once this one has dried, one by one. To achieve a smooth, unique coat, this method is without a doubt the most effective!
Between each layer, allow for about 25 minutes of drying time. Normally, you will need about 4-6 coats of spray paint in total.
Before applying the spray paint, it is recommended to sand your mug. The result should be a porous surface so that the paint can really stick.

Use A Paint Pen

Of course, you can simply paint your ceramic mug with a paint pen. There are many colors to pick from, and these can make it easier to add fine detail.

Paint Your Ceramic Mug With Nail Polish

When it comes to what paint will stay on ceramic mugs, nail polish is an option that is relatively new! And the results are extraordinarily unique. All that you need is nail polish and hot water.
First, pour the nail polish on top of the water. Use the brush to spread it out on the surface, and then give it a swirl. Quickly dip the bottom of your mug before the nail polish can cool. Allow the mug to sit for a minute or two, and then remove. The nail polish should have formed a unique and whimsical design!

How To Paint Unglazed Ceramic

Painting unglazed ceramic is said to be a bit tricky. Though it may be more difficult, it is definitely possible to learn how to paint unglazed ceramic. Enamel paints, for example, can create a great finish. Some spray paints have also been found to work well.

Bake Your Glazed Ceramic Mug Again To Water-Proof

Some glazed ceramic mugs require only a seal. There are others, however, that you will need to bake! This is the only way that they can become dishwasher-safe and water-proof.
So, after you have finished painting your ceramic mug, you will need to place it in a cold oven. Set the temperature to 350 F. Once the oven has preheated, give the mug about 30 minutes to bake. Then, turn off the oven, and do not remove the mug until it is completely cool.

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How to Paint Already Fired Ceramics

If you’d like to know how to paint already fired ceramics, you must know that there will probably be a glaze to remove! You will need to use some fine sandpaper to shave this off. Make sure to be gentle, so you do not scratch the ceramic beneath.
Before painting, you may wish to use an undercoat of primer. This will help the paint to stick. Apply the paint with care (it may resist adhering to the surface a bit).
Once the paint has dried, glaze the mug, and then fire. Glaze and fire, and repeat… until your mug is done, and newly decorated, with paint for mugs that won’t wash off!

How To Paint Ceramic Figurines

When it comes to how to paint ceramic figurines, the process is quite similar to painting a ceramic mug. Just lightly sand your figurine, apply gesso or primer, and decorate as you like. Cover the paint in a clear-coat varnish, to preserve its color.

As you can see, when it comes to what kind of paint will stay on ceramic mugs, there are all kinds of great choices out there. With these paints, you can create a classic or whimsical design on your ceramic mug… as well as make it water-proof, so it will stick!