Kind Of Paint Will Stay On Ceramic

What Kind Of Paint Will Stay On Ceramic Mugs?

Coming home after a long tiring back to kick back on the couch with your mug of coffee is the best feeling of adulthood. The tea sipping experience enhances drastically if you are sipping from your favorite mug, which is the epitomic reflection of your taste. Some people like the monochromic mug while some like colors and quotes are written on their mugs.

So, if you are into painting and want to indulge in acrylic painting on your mugs, this article covers multiple methods. All essential details and instructions have been added to the article, which is integral for painting mugs as well as the figurines. So, shall we let the fun begin?

How To Seal Acrylic Paint On Ceramic Mug

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So, if you have every used acrylic painting, you would understand the pain of running paint (the dilemma of paints and their consistency!). Similarly, it gets difficult to seal the paint on a ceramic mug, but that’s not possible. In this section, we are sharing instructions for painting ceramic mug with acrylic paints and sealing everything in. Ready, steady, and go!

  • First of all, cover the working area with newspaper because acrylic paint tends to slide and mess up the floor or desk. Also, don’t forget to tape down the newspaper, so it stays in place.
  • Take a paint palette and pour down the desired acrylic paint (you can use a simple piece of paper of pour down the paint too)
  • If you want to mix up the colors, use a pea-size of each color to make a mixture
  • Now, take out that graphite pencil to line out the design on the mug because it will glide on easily, and also, if you make a mistake, it will be easy to erase the design and start from scratch. Also, don’t draw anything on the lip area or the edges. If you’ve to make a straight line, try using tapes.
  • Once you have made the design, dip the brush in water, and use a paper towel to absorb the extra moisture. Now, take up some paint and make the first yet thin layer on the mug. It is better to use a foam brush if you’ve to paint the background and use the thin and pointed brush to make the details.
  • Let the first layer dry up and take a different foam brush to add another layer of acrylic paint to make the glossy finish.
  • Once you are done with painting, let the mug air-dry for 24 hours and make sure no one’s touching the mug because it does not mess up the painting quality but also, it will increase the drying time.
  • When the paint is completely dry, use an eraser to rub off the pencil design, but if erase isn’t working, you can use the rubbing alcohol as well. If there are some smudges, use the alcohol-soaked Q-tip to sharpen up the design, but be careful with this one.
  • Now, comes the real deal of sealing in the acrylic paint into the ceramic mug with which you need to bake the mug at 250-degree Fahrenheit for almost 35 minutes. Once the timer dings, let the mug cool down, and everything will be sealed in; be it the design or paint.

Paint For Mugs That Won’t Wash Off

This is the real issue because people spend days making and painting their favorite mug. They paint the designs and imprint the quotes, but it all washes away once you put them in the dishwasher. If you want to ensure sturdy paint that doesn’t wash off, use the water-based paint pens or acrylic paints to paint on ceramics. Also, for writing down the quotes, you can use paint markers. It is essential to never use oil-based paints because they tend to fade.

How To Paint Ceramic Figurines

Having the decoration pieces and figurines around the house enhances the aesthetics of the home. However, there are times when you like the design, but the color isn’t suitable.

So, if you want to paint your ceramic figurines, we have some instructions that you can follow regarding different paints and materials. Let’s begin!

  • Acrylic paints can be used to paint any material because they are easy to use, easy to access, and also, won’t be too expensive.
  • If you are painting the ceramic figurines, use the sanding paper to get rid of lumps and uneven surfaces. Then, use sponge and water to clean the figurine and let it dry. Spray the matte spray varnish as a first layer because it creates a consistent surface. Once the varnish is settled, paint the figurine as per your desire.

While you are adding the layers of varnish and paint, make sure that one is completely dry once you move on to the next one. As far as the paint is concerned, acrylic paints are widely used, but you can also use a glaze to be applied with a brush.

How To Paint Unglazed Ceramic

We know that unglazed surfaces can become dirty and hard to clean. This is why people paint their ceramic pieces, and if you are on the quest to paint the unglazed ceramic, we have the instructions bulleted down in the section below. So, have a look!

  • Mix white vinegar and water in equal proportions to create a cleaning solution that will wash off all the dust from the surface
  • Use a clean yet damped towel to clean the surface and let it dry.
  • Take the alcohol-based primer to make the first layer on the ceramic surface and let it dry.
  • Keep adding the primer layer until the surface has a uniform appearance.
  • Now, paint the real color on the ceramic surface.
  • Let the paint dry and use the primer on top as well to lock the paint in place.
  • And you are done!

How To Paint Already Fired Ceramics

So, if you have the fired ceramic, you can use ceramic paint with oil-based formula. You will need to apply multiple layers, so keep adding thin layers till you attain the desired color and outlook.