Best Plastic Mugs With Handles You Can Buy In 2022

Plastic is undoubtedly one of the most controversial materials of the era…It might be getting negative points for being difficult to decompose but still they are highly appreciated for its durability and affordability.

The best plastic mugs are appreciated for their lightweight, easy bulk carriage, flexibility and less breakage chances. When you have kids at home you can’t miss to have Plastic Mug with handles. But the aesthetics never let you satisfy on simple ones, in this article we will provide you with a few best articles to suit your plastic mug needs.

Best Plastic Mugs With Handle Reviews 2022

Eco-Friendly Mug Set Of 6 By Coza

Eco-Friendly Mug Set Of 6 By Coza


Favorite Features

  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
  • Unbreakable
  • 8 Oz capacity
  • Perfect For Both Hot & Cold Drinks
  • Non-Toxic, BPA free Material

Detailed Description

A set of 6 beautiful sturdy and unbreakable, mugs. It’s a nice investment you can spend once on it and you will get a nice thing to sip out your favorite drinks . It’s a set of beautiful white mugs made with nontoxic and BPA free Plastic which makes them perfectly safe to sip up your drinks both cold and hot.

They are a complete hasslefree thing to use in your kitchen. They are safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and in storage. If you have kids at home this is your perfect kitchen ware. The best thing about these perfectly stackable plastic mugs are their ergonomically designed handles .Moreover, perfectly eco friendly production practices.


  • Reusable and Unbreakable
  • Best For Camping School Trips
  • Can Be Personalized Plastic Mugs With Handles
  • Non Toxic Material


  • Interior If Scratched Get Stained

Assorted Unbreakable Plastic Mugs 6-11 Oz By Amuse


Favorite Features

  • Perfectly Stackable
  • Perfect To serve both hot and cold drinks
  • Food Safe material
  • Set Of Six
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Made In Belgium

Detailed Description

While buying this smug keep in mind you are going to get high value of money and food safe material. The Utmost concern while buying any plastic product as kitchen ware is its non toxic and BPA free qualities its European making assures them both.

These mugs a whole set of 6 that make them a good choice for camping with friends and partying at school. The best thing about these mugs is its durability, great looks and ease of use.

You can easily wash them in the dishwasher and are perfectly safe for microwave use. That is a good dashing investment that will add up a durable, safe and nice kitchenware in your collection.


  • Daringly Durable
  • Extremely Ergonomic Design
  • Easy And Safe To Use
  • Perfect Handle
  • Budget Friendly


  • Best For Kids But Not Ideal For Adults

Red Japanese Microwaveable Water Mug 12 Oz By Inomata


Favourite Features

  • Large Capacity Mugs
  • Strong And Sturdy MAterial
  • Japan Production
  • Non-Toxic and BPA Free
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

Detailed Description

This red Japanese Mug is a beautiful thing to buy. If your kid is a bit lazy in drinking his milk this mug will help you to make it temping for him. This mug is a class in its great looks and perfect grip plastic handle.

This mug is no lesser than any expansive and beautiful mug made of ceramics or personalized plastic mugs with handles. It’s non toxic materials make it a nice and affordable choice as well. You can use it for serving a chilled chocolate drink or a sizzling hot coffee.

The flawless silky red texture and durable built both things make it a great deal to go. They will adore your kitchen shelf no less than any other in the trait.


  • Durable Material
  • Perfect Finish and Amazing Red Color
  • Inviting Looks & Easy Management
  • Japanese Making & Perfect Grip


  • Bit Expensive

Insulated Clear Plastic Mugs With Handles Bulk


Favourite Features

  • Perfect Insulation
  • BPA And Melamine Free
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Freezer Safe
  • American Construction
  • Hot Seller
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Detailed Description

These mugs are so mesmerizing that first of all you fail to believe that it’s not glass. With its perfect making and glamorous glassy looks it provides insulation qualities as well. You just add your cold or hot drink and be assured that you will get your desired and sustained temperature.

Its dimensions are perfect and its design is highly suitable, and sustainable. The handle is designed for easy grip and the tip is tempered to perfect for executive sipping experience. The manufacturer is so confident of its quality and manufacturing that they offer lifetime guarantee.

Moreover you get a perfect lid and set of straws, that make your Insulated plastic mug best travelling insulated mug as well. So now carry your swag wherever you go and enjoy your favourite drink at your desired temperature.

These mugs provide you with all the luxury and looks of an executive insulated glass mug, and all the ease and durability of plastic mugs. You can fearlessly use them in Freezer, Microwave and even dishwashers.


  • Glass Looks & Plastic Durability
  • Ease Of Use
  • Perfect Insulation For Temperature Maintenance
  • Glamorous Design


  • Get Hazed

Insulated Tumbler Mugs To Travel With Lid By Sammons Preston


Favourite Features

  • Tumbler With Lid
  • Easy Grip For Handicapped/ weaker Grip
  • Perfect For Both Hot & Cold Drinks
  • Perfect Insulation
  • Food Safe Material

Detailed Description

This mug is specially designed in a way that can provide a desired and required grip for handicapped and those with weaker grips. These mugs are multifunctional as you can bring them to common daily use and also for travelling tours.

Designed dramatically to provide a perfect grip to elderly people and those who want to have an ergonomically designed mug with an easy grip. And can be great in serving both hot and cold drinks. Moreover equally good in maintaining temperature for longer. This mug is good news for you with all the above mentioned qualities.

Its lid won’t let you drop even a single drop of tea coffee or any other beverage even with your gerky hands.It’s only caution is that it is not very favourable to high temperatures, so washing on higher temperature is not very recommended.


  • Perfect Travel Tumbler With Lid
  • Perfect Insulation
  • Perfect And Easy Grip For Weaker Grip People
  • Good For Both Hot & Cold Drink
  • Good In looks & Design


  • Not Microwave Safe
  • Not Favourable For Higher Temperatures

Advantages /Disadvantages Of Using Plastic Mugs

Plastic handle mugs are a good option to add in your kitchen ware with several benefits like:

  • They are more favourable for commercial use as can be more durable with less investment.

  • Plastic mugs with handle bulk are easy to carry anywhere as compared to the steel or ceramic mugs.

  • They are less prone to breakage and need low maintenance as compared to porcelain mugs.

  • Plastic mugs are always the best option for a household having kids and toddlers.

  • Personalized plastic mugs with handles are less expensive and easy to customise according to your requirements.

  • Plastic mug preparation method includes high temperatures that sterilize all the germs and make that plastic safe to use for drinking.

  • Plastic mugs are far more affordable than other materials like ceramic and steel.

  • Another benefit of using plastic mugs is its reusability; they can easily be recycled and turned into any other items.

  • When it comes to high temperature plastic cannot sustain them as it melts in high temperatures.Whereas other materials as porcelain, glass, or steel can sustain high temperatures well.

  • Plastic is more prone to get de-shaped under high temperatures.

  • plastic is also not considered very safe to be used with food items. Even though plastic mugs are very popular it is appreciated to choose transparent ones.

  • Whereas the recycling property of plastic makes it a good choice. On the other hand, difficult decomposition of plastic makes it non- friendly material for nature. As if not recycled it can stay in the environment for decades without decomposing.

  • If some animal eats it without knowing what it is, it can even lead to the Death.That is the reason why environmentalists and some social workers are running a campaign to ban the use of plastic.

  • When it comes to cleaning they are difficult to clean as compared to other materials like glass porcelain and steel.

  • If eco friendly ways are not practiced, plastic manufacturing can cause harm to the environment. Moreover, have been found to be the culprit of even damaging ozone layers.


In this material world, it is hard to find anything without cons or downside. But when it comes to plastic pros versus cons. The benefits of plastic cups definitely outweigh the con side. They are good to use in common households. Moreover have been used largely as plastic mugs for bathrooms and plastic mugs with handles for bathrooms for a long.

If the manufacturer and consumer both be a bit responsible, plastic is definitely worth a call binding reusable, recyclable, and affordable.

People who believe that plastic is causing environmental pollution are equally responsible. The problem is not associated with the material but with the way it is being handled. If you are properly educated and know which kind of plastic cups are better for purchase. Moreover, the manufacturers are educated about eco-friendly practices for manufacturing and paying more attention to recycling. plastic is a great choice with its several benefits. Even few researchers have proved that it is possible to make degradable plastic by involving some practices and materials in plastic creation.


The problem lies in our attitudes and practices, not the material. Be responsible be safe.