Jimmy Fallon Mugs Review – Customized Mugs 2022

If you are a Jimmy Fallon fan, you know the craze going around about the Jimmy Fallon coffee mugs. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is the favorite of many as they look for their pill of funny after the day’s hard work late at night. The sixth host of the long-running talk show has not held back his talent to mesmerize people with their laughter.

With his humor, Jimmy Fallon has managed to win the heart of so many people. Many people love and adore him. Most fans even love to follow the little tidbits, like the time when there was the whole Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake coffee mugs thing going on. The friendship that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake enjoy really makes you ache for that kind of bonding in life.

And did you see that whole mug inception wave that they had going on? Everywhere you look you could see the Jimmy Fallon and JT coffee mugs. Apparently, JT had a mug made with Jimmy’s face and shared a photo of him drinking in it, Jimmy made a mug out of that photo, and posted a photo of drinking from that mug and JT repeated that process until this got incepted onto the iconic mug on the tonight show.

It is possible that the incident caught up even more than the tandem bike incident – which, by the way, was Jimmy and JT riding the tandem bike that Jimmy’s wife had gifted him. The said bike is their “favorite” mode of transportation.

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According to Jimmy, he and his wife have never ridden it even once but he constantly rides it with his best friend Justin Timberlake. It was deemed a joke until the two friends uploaded a video and a photo of them riding the bicycle.

Don’t these things make you really want to have a friend that you could goof around with? These are the kind of sentiments that Jimmy Fallon manages to muster in his audience and everyone who watches the show.

Since we are talking about Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake coffee mugs, there is also another even more iconic coffee mug that many people get just because of Jimmy Fallon. The mugs that JF uses every night on his show with “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fall” to drink his beverage.

Being an idol of many entices such sentiments in people. Following their idols by getting the same coffee mug and starbucks Mugs – for example – makes the fans feel closer to the celebrities. Such is the case with the mug that is used in the “The Tonight Show” by none other than the Jimmy Fallon himself.

There has been a great demand for the ceramic mug with the show’s logo by the fans. And now you can easily avail it on amazon! But is it worth it? Is it the same cup? So many questions and not enough answers – what to do? Worry not, if you are a Jimmy Fallon fan and really want to get that mug with the logo, here is a detailed review that will help you decide whether you can achieve that closeness with your celebrity idol.
Jimmy Fallon Logo Ceramic Mug – Full Review

Is the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon your way to destress after a hard day as well? Then you must also be captured by the way Jimmy Fallon goes about the show, entices laughter and joy in the guests and the audience.

The Grammy award winner, Jimmy Fallon, has taken the show to new heights with his open style of conversation, his quick wit, his playful ways of interviewing, instant impersonation and the innovative sketches.

The audience falls in love with Jimmy Fallon almost instantly. And what Jimmy Fallon loves to use is the ceramic mug with the show’s logo on it. And it has led many of the fans to want it just as much.

Made just like the cup on the show here is the mug a black ceramic mug with 11 oz. capacity to hold your beverage just like it does for Jimmy Fallon.



For someone who can’t go a day without having their coffee, this mug is perfect. It can really hold your caffeine dosage for you. These Coffee cups are made out of ceramic and have a robust design that makes this cup worthy of holding your early morning coffee or even your late-night soothing tea.

  • Capacity: These cups can hold up to 11 oz. of whatever beverage is your poison.
  • Material: It is made of Ceramic.
  • Color: This mug comes in black color just like shown in the show.
  • Care Instructions: There are no specific instructions. You can use this mug in the microwave without worry and can also be it in the dishwasher.
  • Design: This mug is sturdy and robust which makes it easy to hold and enjoy your beverage in. It has the logo of tonight show which makes it unique.
  • It is exactly like the cup used by the host Jimmy Fallon in the show “The Tonight Show”

  • It has a strong build, keeps the beverage warm

  • You can use it in a microwave

  • You can wash it in a dishwasher

  • The only drawback can be that the cup is smaller than most people expect.

Here is the review of the mug that you have been looking for everywhere! Now you can snuggle up on your couch, put on the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and sip in the same cup as he does. How amazing is that?

If you don’t want to use it for your daily use, you can also just put it up there on your shelf as a part of the décor. The same cup as Jimmy Fallon does deserve to be just looked at from a distance and never touched.

Enjoy that kind of closeness with your idol now and place the order for your very own black ceramic mug with the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon logo on it!

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