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Step By Step Guide To Wash a Copper Mug

Step By Step Guide To Wash a Copper Mug

Being an aristocrat is actually something hard to maintain, as you have an outstanding class and taste. You need to be elegant with all your accessories. When it comes to Barware it’s undoubtedly a matter of true prestige to collect the ultimate best.

You need to add up all the best versions and variety which the market has to offer. From classic porcelain Mugs to sleek goblets, even a few best versions of double-walled mugs should adore your shelve.

Moreover, if you are a true aficionado of a mule or a cocktail your classic corner can never miss the Copper mug section. They are not only very artistic in looks to add glamour, but acts like a spotlight in your barware. Moreover, you will love the added aroma in your drink and their insulation properties are a delight for those who like to have their drink at a maintained temperature.

But keeping a classic is no less than a task, yes once you bring that glittering copper glamour to your barware you need to maintain the shine. Moreover, saving them from all the tarnish and patina is again an expedition.

Why Copper Get Discoloration?

The main reason for copper getting tarnish is copper chloride. which initiates the process when it gets in contact with a human touch moreover, it interacts with Air, soap and other chemicals. So when you bring these beauties in use they will definitely get some discoloration.

Explore How To Keep your Copper Shinny

Here in this article, you will explore all the possible ways to save your copper mugs from discoloration and even once those black spots occurred we can conquer them with few simple steps and home ingredients.

What you need to do is, be is a bit vigilant and add some elbow grease, as you need to quit the use of dishwasher for this delicate art piece at your bar shelf.

Pointers To Follow

  • Never wash these mugs in Dishwasher
  • Always use warm water
  • Use a mild liquid soap
  • Use a soft fabric/ don’t Scratch
  • Dry with a towel
  • Double dry with another towel

Cleaning Copper At Home With Home Ingredients


Let’s discover how a few simple steps and a few home ingredients can revive the lost shine of your beloved Copper Mugs

How to Remove Tarnish By Using Salt and Lemon

    • You need to add 3 tablespoons of salt in a deep bowl
    • Now cut a lemon in four equal parts
    • Leave the lemon as it soaks the salt (60 secs is enough)
    • Now rub the salt-soaked lemon on the mug in circular motions
    • Wash with warm water
    • Dry with a soft terry cloth
    • Double-check with a dry towel no moisture left

How to renew your old Copper Mug using Salt, Water, and Vinegar

    • Take  four to five cups of water
    • Add three to four tablespoon salt
    • Add one cup of synthetic vinegar
    • Bring it to a boil
    • Put the discolored mug in the mixture
    • Boil it for few minutes
    • Bring it out using a tong
    • Rub it softly with a soft fabric
    • Wash with warm water
    • Dry with a cloth
    • Double dry with a towel.

How to clean your patina which turns your copper mug white

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Salient Features

  • Restores Shine and Luster
  • Removes Fingerprints and Residue
  • Take three tablespoons of baking powder
  • One tablespoon of  vinegar
  • Now apply the paste on the mug
  • Let it sit for 7 – 10 minutes
  • Now goodbye the tarnish by using a sponge in circular motions
  • Clear it with warm water
  • Double drying is a must to protect from oxidation with causes patina and tarnish

How to use Ketchup as a copper cleaner?

  • Take your favorite ketchup
  • Instead of serving with fries, apply it on your copper mug
  • Leave it for thirty minutes while the acidic qualities work
  • Now scrub the ketchup using a toothbrush making sure no curve untouched
  • Wipe with a cloth
  • Wash with water
  • Double dry with to make sure no moisture left
  • All clear and all shine back

Want some FlawLess copper cleaning?

If you don’t want to go with any home remedy and want a true solution. Which is not only effective but also gives flawless shine to your copper mugs. Moreover, give them a new shine all over again, as they were never used before.

Then you must choose Wrights copper and Brass cleaner as this one is so easy to use and bring you back the shiny polished look that was lost under the thick layer of tarnish. You just need to follow a few easy steps and here go with unmatchable results.

    • You just need to open the jar
    • Bring a little amount of polish out on a sponge
    • Apply it on the copper vessel
    • Wait a while, rub in a circular motion
    • Enjoy watching it getting its flawless shine back
    • Wipe it all
    • Leave a protective layer that actually protects the mug from discoloring again for a longer period of time.

If you want to use a commercial product then certainly, this one is the best choice for the said purpose.

Want some FlawLess copper cleaning?

There are more than one reason to avoid Dishwasher to clean your copper mugs

  • The tough handling of the dishwasher can cause dents and deformation
  • The use of harsh soap can lead to black spots that actually look ugly and ruin the executive look
  • Your mugs can get some undesired scratches
  • If double-layered, (as mostly copper mugs are) can damage the double layer or chip off the coating.

So hand washing and double drying are the best ways to protect your mug from anything undesired and unwanted.

What is the difference between a lined and unlined copper mug?

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  • Classic Design for Mule Cocktails


Another mystery about copper mugs that grabs the attention of perfectionists that if there is any difference between lined and unlined copper mugs?

if any, which one is the better to use. Many of the copper mugs are actually plated over different metals like nickel, stainless steel or even tin. This making is not only more durable than pure copper but also eliminates the part when your drink comes in close contact with the drink. As a few don’t believe it to be safe for the drinkers.

Moreover, when copper comes in contact with an acidic element it actually imparts a few qualities that can cause a few health hazards.

On the contrary, the dense mule lovers believe an unlined copper mug is an official accessory to enjoy a mule as the taste is not ultimate until the drink kisses a pure copper mug. So to indulge in pure magic an unlined copper mug is their priority.  You can choose one according to your desire, well I keep both types in stock to cheer up my visitors.

Good-Bye Note

I hope you enjoyed this piece of information and it will be helpful to you as well to get rid of your copper issues. As what we all perfectionists wish for is an everlasting flawless shine. You plz try the above-mentioned tips until then let me help my grandma to shine up her antique copper vessels.

Definitely, I will thank her as well for sharing her tips. In this article, I m just a narrator, the tale belongs to her!

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