Best Harry Potter Hogwarts Mugs

Best Harry Potter Hogwarts Mugs

The world-famous Harry potter was originally a novel series. The writer is J.K. Rolling. This was such a fantastic novel that was followed by a series of movies. The story reviled the struggle of light against the dark. The fictional characters become popular, The key reason is that the novel has visual and audio effect in the shape of the movies. As the characters get the human shape and voice the fans love to see them on different things of daily use. The T-Shirts, Toys, Stationery, and Mugs are most common of those.

This article is about the Mugs associated with the Harry Potter series and its different characters. This is not surprising that some characters become favorite for the fans. Some events from the novel or the movie capture the attention of the fans. Some Buildings and landmarks although don’t exist but people love to visit them. All these cravings about the Harry Potter series can be full filled by using these Mugs.

These products are generally licensed and the beneficiary includes the people who originally created and shaped the idea in the current shape. This means that all the people who have done hard work to popularized the idea or theme will get the benefit from the sale of the Mug.

These are some of the assorted available mugs in the market. Hopefully, you will love the collection if you are a Harry Potter Fan. As this collection is originally assorted by the Harry Potter fans.

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1. Ceramic Mug – Harry Potter Series – Multi-Color

Ceramic Mug - Harry Potter Series


  • Stainless steel body

  • Memory association with the fans

  • Perfect for use at Home and Office

  • A perfect piece for decoration

  • Microwave and Dishwasher can damage the Cup

Product Description and Features

This is an excellent combination of black and blue. The black color is intelligently used outside and the blue color is used inside the cup. Both these colors enhance the effect of each other. 

The Cup associates you with the great school of wizards and witches known as Hogwarts. If you remember from the movie or the Novel. The school was originally founded by a group of 4 two witches and two wizards.

Hogwarts has divided its students into four groups. Every group is called House. Thee are associated with its four founders. Actually, every house contains the last name of the founder. The name of the first founder is Godric Gryffindor, the second is Salazar Slytherin, the third is Rowena Ravenclaw and the fourth is Helga Hufflepuff.  The 4 house slogan of Hogwarts is printed on the cup.

The mug has the capacity to hold 14 ounces of liquid. The width of the cup is 3 inches while its depth is 5 inches. 

Although it is a ceramic mug but is free of harmful BPA. The Cup has an easy grip to hold it. The cups can be used in the home and offices even if you don’t want to use them for the beverages these are so attractive that you can use them only for decorative purposes, especially against the white background or any place of your choice.

2. Ceramic Mug – Harry Potter Series – Gryffindor

Silver Buffalo Warner Bros Harry Potter


  • Love for Harry potter

  • Easy to Grip

  • Decorative elements make it an ar piece

  • Only hand wash

  • No made to use in Microwave

Product Description and Features

If you are a harry potter fan then this product is absolutely for you. The cup has the logo of Gryffindor. It is one of the four houses of Hogwarts. Every Hogwart house has a philosophy. The Hogwart houses are associated with the founders of Hogwarts. The Gryffindor is named after the Godric Gryffindor. This house is known for its bravery and daring with nerves. This is truly a horseman ready for the fight.   

This has the capacity to hold the liquid. The amount of that liquid will be 20 ounces. This is not a mug it is the symbol of love for Harry Potter. You can proudly place it as a decorative element in the home and even in the office cabinet  Easy to hold. The cup has an excellent grip. You can easily hold this cup with comfort.

3. Magical Mug – Harry Potter Series – Heat Sensitive

heat snsitive hery potter mug


  • Associates you with the Harry Potter

  • Heat Sensitive Magical Cup

  • The cup is not be recommended to use in the microwave and the dishwasher.

Product Description and Features

This is a themed cup. Associated with the Marauder’s Map. This map magically revealed its secrets. In normal conditions, the map is totally blank but with the magic spell. It reveals the guidelines. Made on this theme the cup is black in normal conditions. You may say that the cup s cursed in the normal parameters. It changes the color and started to reveal the secrets as soon as you put the hot liquor into it.

The writing and images that appear on the mug can be understood in the most natural way. The natural way to understand those is from left to right. The cup is heat sensitive and has a capacity of 11 Oz. This is an exclusively licensed product and is available from the manufacturer or the authorized dealer only.

4. Coffee Mug – Harry Potter Series – Hogwart School Series

Coffee Mug - Harry Potter Series - Hogwart School Series


  • An original Product Officially licensed

  • Links you with Harry potter

  • Attractive Design

  • Easy to hold

  • Can be used at multiple places

  • Can only be hand washed

  • Microwave is not suitable for this product

Product Description and Features

Another Gryffindor symbol cup. This time it has the golden logo and the design appears on the red cup. Easily useable at multiple places like home, office, and even at the school. The cup is meant to handle hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. This is a good gift to be presented at the birthday ceremony of a kid too. This is an original product. The cup is well capable to handle 10 oz of any given liquid.

5. Magical Mug – Harry Potter Series – Hogwarts Heat Sensitive

Magical Mug - Harry Potter Series - Hogwarts Heat Sensitive


    • Harry potter association
    • Officially licensed Product
    • Gives the feeling of the real magic
    • This product cannot be used in the Microwave
    • You can not wash it in the dishwasher only hand wash product

Product Description and Features

Harry porter is the symbol of mystery for the kids. It holds the attention of the listeners and viewers. The places associated with the series have the same mesmerizing effect. Hogwarts is the most prominent one of all. The school of the magic for wizards and witches.

This cup associates you with the magical spells of Hogwarts. In normal conditions, the cup does not show any symbol of Hogwarts but as soon as you pour the hot drink into it the castle behind the symbol appears automatically on the cup. This cup has the capacity to hold 300ml and the weight of the product is 10.6 ounce

6. Full Body – Harry Potter Series – Character Cup

harry potter seiries full body mug


  • Links you with the Harry potter

  • Limited Edition

  • Can’t be used in the Microwave

  • Cannot be used in the Dishwasher

Product Description and Features

Harry Potter is a mystical character. It was first introduced in the novel Harry Potter series. The movie of Harry Potter gives visual and audio character recognition. This product links you with the character of Harry Potter. This is a full-body cup and has a capacity of 10 once. The weight of the cup is 1.15 pounds.


This is the best available collection of Harry potter. Age is just a number. This is the attitude that describes you. Keep the child within you remain alive so that you can enjoy life fully and at its full peak. A product like these keeps you linked with your childhood and although the number of your age increases but you will never be got old.