Hand Made Mugs

Hand Made Mugs

The world is changing, so are the trends!

As we are lacking affection and true love, we’re trying to move back toward ancient times to look for the connection and affection which was our only entertainment, sorry our ancestor’s only entertainment.

Yes, I truly mean it! The exceeding trend of handmade items is actually evidence of our passion and love for the past. We prefer customized things that are handmade and have feelings and affection for the human touch, but not a commercial product anymore.

The  Diners and dive no longer prefer those commercially produced mugs that are available everywhere for everyone. But wanting something special, handmade pottery, especially mugs, the mugs that can be innovative in shape, that can be the signature style of a brand, or can not be easily available to everyone.  But here we believe that You certainly deserve the best anywhere, even at your place or outside. So we sorted for you a few best handmade mugs that can be a pride of your Bar-shelf or your best handmade travel mugs. 

A few assorted pieces that are sculpted to perfection and durability, those which are no less than art pieces but still functional pottery as well. So let’s grab a few hands made mugs that are a true delight to your aesthetics.

Sculpted Ceramic Mugs Set Of Two


  • Artistic looks

  • Pure natural materials

  • Handmade pottery coffee mugs 

  • Each piece no less than a masterpiece

  • Perfect grip and tempered sipping side

  • A bit small in size.

Perfectly handmade

 I truly love these mugs, my reason is certain and absolute. They truly are a flawless example of handcrafting. Crafted by Ukrainian pottery artist who is actually an expert in the field and his expertise is evident in this Masterpiece as well.

Crafted to perfection

The shape of these handmade pottery mugs is modern and ethnic at the same time. Yes, they are truly innovative in their shape and their sculpted quality doesn’t affect its functionality. As the sipping edge is tempered to perfection no less than a delight for your lips.


Natural materials 

It’s not only awesome in its shape and beauty but when it comes to its materials it is pure milk and clay. and when turned into your masterpiece it has no chemical additives and totally safe to use with no health hazards at all.

Impressive dimensions

The dimensions of this mug are also perfect to have your dose of coffee or tea. As this handmade coffee mug is ultimate perfection in words and action. With 5 oz capacity, it has a perfect shape and awesome hold.

Artistic gift

This pair of ceramic with its custom handmade coffee mug tag is ultimate in all means to gift to someone special. So don’t waste any time just order and get your matchless ceramic piece. So go get close to nature with this handcrafted mug.

2. Mystic Waters By Clay In Motion


  • Beautiful Aqua colored glaze, that looks wow

  • A big Mug To Cherish your drink

  • Handmade pottery coffee mugs 

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Perfect To Hold

  • 4” inches  width

  • A Bit Expensive

Product Description

This handmade coffee mug is sheer perfection near me, as it has all the charm of a handmade product and still offers all the functionality of a perfect commercial piece.

Different Capacities

You can order this mug in different capacities like from 16 to 20 Oz. Now your handcrafted artistic crockery is available according to your addiction size. Whatever size you ask for quite a big treat anyways.

Prepared In A Studio

These marks are special in all means, not commercially produced in a factory but actually made with love and with perfect skill from a studio. Yes, this one is an art piece not a commercial product.

Beauty And The Brains

This piece is a perfect addition to your Kitchen wear. You will find it perfectly beautiful and an eyecatcher. When it comes to functionality and serving your favorite coffee you will find it no less than a champion.


3.Clay in Motion Handwarmer Mug


  • Safe to use in dishwasher and microwave

  • Artistic yet perfectly Functional

  • Keep your Coffee and Hands Cozy

  • Single Mug Is Signed

  • You might feel it a bit expensive but truly worth it

  • Not ideal for warmer regions

Product Description

This is an innovation in custom handmade clay mugs that can work as your stylish handmade travel coffee mug. as it’s not only a handcrafted beauty but a step ahead towards comfort as well.

Hand fitted

No need to think twice to pull your hands out of your pocket, as while having your coffee you will have a better and warm coffee mug pocket to put in your hands. A complimentary gift with your best coffee mug is a perfect pocket to keep your hand warm. While you are enjoying your coffee in this art piece.

Distinctive Pattern

Sculpted with perfection and painted with precision. You will find them flawless in every aspect. When it comes to painting you will witness it fantastic. Perfectly glazed by competent artists so each and every Pattern is distinctive from others. If you want to buy something different this one is always going to be different still amazing.

Unique Production

This mug is produced in America from clay in a motion studio, by the talented Neher family. Each mug is as special to them as a painting or a sculpture to its artist. They put the same effort in every mug and every mug is signed with the date of production. So when you are enjoying your coffee this mug does feel like a part of something very special. 

Beautiful And Fully-functional

 When something is extremely beautiful it mostly serves decorative purposes and doesn’t fulfill functional requirements. But with this, it is all together productive, yes this mug extra provides you more functionality than any simple commercial coffee mug. Keep your coffee and hands both warm.

4. Cape Shore Handcrafted Bean Pot Stoneware


  • Handmade but fully functional

  • Perfect Souvenir

  • 16 oz capacity and durability

  • Perfect Glaze and innovative shape

  • Pretty Big In Size.

Product Description

This is a serious production from a renowned company with 60-year working experience. Yes, these are not just hand clay mugs, they are actually memories. That you can collect from your Vacation destination, Put it on your bar-shelf, and cherish your memories forever.

Innovative Shape

This Beautiful hand mug has an innovative shape of a pot, but the innovation doesn’t mess with the perfect sipping experience. Yes, it provides you with a perfect hold of your mug. You can even wrap your hands around it and enjoy the sips of your coffee along with a good cozy feel to your hands.

Not Knick Knacks But Souvenir 

You can present this mug to someone special. You can even take it with you from somewhere special as a Souvenir to keep the memories along and around forever and ever.

Good Capacity

This mug is a good capacity mug 16oz, you can enjoy a good amount of your favorite drink in this beautiful mug.   

Multiple StyleOption

This mug is available in different styles and different colors so you can choose any color and any style. Moreover, the imagery of a cute little turtle is also very interesting. This one is irresistible for any who is a true hand mug aficionado.

5. CREATURE CUPS Turtle Ceramic Cup


  • Perfect creation

  • Humorous and functional

  • Best for tea n coffee

  • Executive exterior interesting interior

  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe

  • Like custom handmade coffee mugs

  • Difficult To Clean.

Product Description

Creatures Cups are cute little surprises. They look quite ordinary when you present them to your prestigious guest. But once they start cherishing them, drinking cute little surprises is waiting for them beneath.

Adorable Sea Collection

you can choose which creature you want to serve as your surprise. Yes, there is a wide range of sea creatures you can choose a turtle, or a fish, or a snail, even scorpion, or a dolphin. You can collect all of them one by one and serve every guest according to their choice, or enjoy the activity of who goes for what.

Beautiful exterior, Interesting interior

As well as the interior is concerned at the bottom line there are beautifully crafted sea creatures. Waiting for you to finish your drink and enjoy the vision, moreover, the exterior is not left untouched as well.

It’s a beautiful blue mug with a white interior and blue exterior made with fine quality porcelain. Formed to perfection in subs to your kitchen shelf. So this was something you should buy to please your visuals and humor sense both at a time.

Perfect Serving

Besides all its plus features this is perfect in its serving size as well 11:00 on is no less than in an executive serving of your coffee or tea.

Last Note

Personally, I love customized homemade items. and when it comes to Mugs it’s definitely in my priority list. For me, it is difficult to resist one or two, so  I prefer collecting them all. But definitely, the handmade items are expensive to buy. I propose you collect them but one by one. So they don’t get heavier on your budget still you get the whole collection. That shows your artistic taste and class moreover, it satisfies your aesthetics