Are YETI Mugs Dishwasher Safe

Are YETI Mugs Dishwasher Safe

Bought an expansive mug by yeti and want that you can feel its charm and comfort for long. But confused as if Yeti Mugs Are Dishwasher Safe? Let’s check it out with yeti reviews! But before that, I guess we better upgrade some Yeti Mug knowledge. And what actually makes these mugs so special that you don’t want to get them wasted once invested.

Yeti Mugs Specialty


These mugs are designed with the best insulation abilities and perfectly designed to be sweat-free in their struggle of maintaining the temperature of your beverage. Now, you can enjoy your coffe beer or a cocktail on ice-cold or damn hot temperatures even when you are on a go. 

The most terrific thing about these mugs besides their tremendous quality is sustainability. Moreover, the manufacturer is so damn sure about the quality that they offer a 5-year warranty with these yeti mugs. Isn’t it impressive?

Now let’s come to the real point…

Is Yeti Dishwasher Safe?

Now, this is the time to answer the hot discussion hitting various platforms, Is yeti truly dishwasher safe? 

The main cause behind this discussion is if that’s not true and still, you put your yeti in the dishwasher, you might get deprive of that 5-year warranty coverage. Here let me make it very clear, we are not talking about all Yeti Coolers but precisely the Yeti Mugs, Rambler, and Tumbler. 

Definitely a big Yeti Cooler will not fit into your domestic dishwasher. But now when it comes to Yeti Mugs being washed in the dishwasher it’s definitely an option.

What if I simply and clearly answer this question in a way that, Yes washing Yeti Mugs in a dishwasher is perfectly safe. 

Now let me clarify this short answer in detail as it might raise a few questions in your mind. Like those which had been old users of yeti must have read the previous instruction note which clearly states them not to be dishwasher safe.

Previous Yeti Instructions

Until 2015 the yeti makers didn’t find its mugs very safe for dishwasher use the reason was quite simple and justified. Yeti makers are truly sensitive about their product and as we know Yeti are insulated mugs. They are built in two layers which are sealed with space inside but no air at all. 

The main secret and mechanism behind the perfect insulation provided by Yeti Mugs is its airtight seal and perfect vacuum. This seal creates a tremendous Vaccum that assures no heat or cold can escape the mug and whatever you pour in your mug stay at the same temperature. If any damage occurs in this seal that means the whole mechanism is totally destroyed, and no more effective. As we all know that the dishwasher environment is purposefully packed with intense heat it might cause any damage or leakage to that seal. Under such circumstances, it was pretty obvious that Yeti did not allow its tumblers to be washed in a dishwasher and preferred hand washing for them.

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Consumers Observation

As it was clear that the company did not suggest these tumblers or yeti mugs be washed in the dishwasher. Even then a few loyal consumers who had deep trust with yeti mugs. Keep throwing them in the dishwasher having faith that they are too sturdy to be damaged. And surprisingly their experience worked well and they kept enjoying their insulated mugs and ease of dishwasher without much damage. 

Now when the consumer point of view was investigated it was surprisingly simple too simple as well. One young lady presented her viewpoint in these words: “ I don’t believe they are not safe in the dishwasher due to heat hazard. When they can bear and sustain sizzling hot water what is the big deal with dishwasher heat”. The same was the opinion of several more consumers. Moreover, the point was truly valid as it was observed later that the thick stainless steel material is quite sturdy for dishwasher.

But as I already quoted that Yeti the manufacturers until 2015 were not very convinced with the point. So they caused your 5-year warranty null and void upon dishwasher use.

Latest Ruling About Yeti Mugs In Dishwasher 

Now when so many consumers were reviewing this Yeti Coffee mugs dishwasher safe. The manufacturers decided to reconsider their previous care instruction against the use of dishwasher for Yeti Mug washing.

In their tests where they actually examined the Yeti mugs and other drinkware in dishwasher environment. And they were pretty happy with the results and finally, they decided to declare it officially. 

“In 2015 Officially Yeti Mugs Were Announced To Be Dishwasher Safe, and Warranty covered the dishwasher washed Tumblers as well” 

Definitely it took some time to relabel all the products and update the new instructions for care, still, the product that was already out for market remained the same. But the great news is that you are perfectly under warranty while throwing your Yeti Mugs in a Dishwasher for washing now.

Care Instruction For Using Dishwasher With Yeti Mugs

When it’s clear that you can use the dishwasher with Yeti Mugs, you still need to know a few care instructions otherwise you might lose your dear Yeti comfort. Keep in mind,

That its ok to wash your Yeti Mugs And Tumbler in the dishwasher but when it comes to Lid it’s a Big no you need to wash the lid with handly only.

Why YETI Mug Lid Not Dishwasher Safe?

The insulation of a mug can work well until it’s secured with a complete airtight lid, and the yeti mugs are equipped with a perfect glass lid accompanied with gasket. That gas kit is actually made up of plastic and the dishwasher heat can definitely be injurious for it. Once the lid mechanism is disturbed the mug cant manage the insulation any more.

Moreover, washing Yeti mug is quite simple. You can easily wash them in one go, but when it comes to the lid its washing is quite intricate. if not washed properly can develop mold hubs and can ultimately cause health hazards. 

So beside mug safety washing your glass lid with the hand is important for your health and cleanliness as well. Otherwise, the grime gathered under the lid will never get cleared in dishwasher superficial washing.

Detailed Guide To Wash A Yeti Mug

As of now, we are very much clear that yeti cups or tumblers are dishwasher safe. But it doesn’t mean that it’s as simple as throwing your other mugs and cup in a dishwasher, and relaxing they are getting washed perfectly.

You might be surprised but I have observed it personally that many people don’t bother much cleaning their Yeti Mugs properly. And I am afraid that they might be drinking in a mug that is hiding some mold in it

To avoid such a situation you better go through this guide. This will guide you about a few easy steps that will help you to keep your Yeti mugs safe, clean, and perfectly healthy to use.

Check these few simple steps of washing your insulated mug thoroughly.

  • first of all, you need to empty all the existing ingredients in your mug. Yes, that can be anything your coffee or use tea leftover or any beverage which you recently had in your Yeti mug.
  • In the next step, you need to rinse it with clean water, try that water is warm because with warm water your hardened reduce can easily be cleaned. Moreover, you don’t have to put much effort to clear it. But if hot water is not available there is no hazard in clearing your yeti mug with cold water. As it will only cause a bit more hard work if the residue has to get hardened on the yeti surface.
  • I am a fitness freak so I sometimes prefer washing my Yeti mug by pouring a bit of vinegar and soda into it. So that if there is any bad smell or any mold inside it gets away and remains fresh and healthy. Now you can put the Mug body in the dishwasher if you want you can easily wash it with your hands.
  • Now when you have done cleaning of your Yeti mug body, Now begins the intricate part
  • of cleaning the lid of your mug. It is tough or intricate because that is the place that is most contagious to develop mold or grime.
  • Keep in mind you can put your Yeti Mug in the dishwasher but when it comes to the lid it is not at all safe to wash it in the dishwasher.
  • So you better remove the gas kit of your Lid with soft hands and wash it properly from both sides inside and outside. Do same with the lid wash it properly you can even use some vinegar and soda once in a week to make sure its hygiene conditions. So follow the routine to keep your mug perfectly safe for your health.
  • once you have done the washing parts never forget to wipe your mug body and lid properly. Because leaving them wet can cause an unwanted smell and poor hygiene conditions.
  • Don’t put on the lid again until the fresh air has circulated fully in the mug body and on the lid and its gas kit. Once all the parts are completely dry they are ready to reassemble. Still, I suggest if you are going to leave your mug on the shelf until next use tries to keep its lid open because with a closed lid it might get smelly.

These steps are simple to follow but highly useful to keep your mug safe from any damage or mold formation.


Ask is it safe to wash colored Yeti mugs in a dishwasher the answer is very simple? Like other yeti mugs and tumblers colored once can also be washed in a dishwasher. But as their outer coating is painted definitely it can get some untidy scratches upon the outer surface. As when in dishwasher different utensils and mugs often clash with each other. Moreover, the instruments and equipment used by the dishwasher for washing purposes may cause some damage to the colored surface. But definitely, it will not cause any functional damage.

 Note: washing glass gas kit lid in a dishwasher is not recommended for any YETI Mug either colored or plains

  • Are colored yetis dishwashers safe?

People of stainless steel

  • Are the yeti cups freezer safe?

There is no problem in putting your YETI cups in the freezer it’s perfectly safe to put them in the freezer. But keep in mind that if you are putting them in the freezer to chill your water or you want your water to get perfectly cold and chilled to drink.

It might take more time in getting chilled as compared to any other container. Moreover, never leave it to freeze in the freezer with a closed lid and if it has been already frozen in the freezer. Make sure you don’t pull off the lid with power wait until the ice is melted and you can open it softly. Because the gas kit of our Yeti Mug led is sensitive and once damaged it will harm the insulating properties of your Yeti Mug.

What are the side effects of washing Yeti Mugs in a Dishwasher?

Until you are watching your yeti mug body in the dishwasher there are no side effects but if you put the lid into it for washing there are multiple side effects. As the dishwasher heat can damage the gas kit which is directly linked with its insulation properties. Moreover, the lid washing is a bit intricate and if you are washing the lid regularly in a dishwasher it will not get clean properly and can develop some germs which can cause you health issues.

Goodbye Note

I hope in this article I  succeeded to resolve your problem regarding washing your YETI MUGS. Provided you with a detailed guide on washing your yeti mug in a dishwasher and even with hands. if you have any related queries please feel free to contact us here because resolving our reader’s issues is truly our delight. Hopefully, catch you soon in some other article related to our Mutual favorite topic Mugs!